P90X2 – Available Now!

Finally!  I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time, and am excited to let you all know that P90X2 is available to order now!  From today, Sept 1 through September 5 you can pre-order P90X2!

There are many advantages to pre-ordering P90X2 that you don’t want to miss out on!

-Free shipping
-2 free 1-on-1 workouts (4 Legs and Upper Body Balance)
-Entries for prizes, including having Tony Horton himself personally deliver your copy!!!
-Ensure delivery by December 25.  There is huge demand for this, so if you don’t pre-order, you run the risk of waiting longer to get your workout if inventories run out.  I will not take that risk!

Again, here are the details on the different packages and the links to order:











Base Kit is  $119.95 for DVD’s and $149.85 for Blu-Ray.  It will include the workouts, fitness and nutrition guides, and a workout calendar.










Deluxe Kit is be $239.85 for DVD’s and $299.85 for Blu-Ray.  It will include the workouts, fitness and nutrition guides, the workout calendar, a stability ball, two 8 lb. medicine balls, a foam roller, and the V-Sculpt and Chest, Shoulders and Tri’s workouts.









Ultimate Kit is $299.85 for the DVD’s and $359.85 for Blu-Ray.  It will include everything in the Deluxe Kit, but the foam roller will be a premium foam roller, and it also comes with Tony Horton Power Stands.



– How To Bring It Again (Introductory Session)

– X2 Core

– Plyocide

– X2 Recovery + Mobility

– X2 Total Body

– X2 Yoga

– Balance + Power

– Chest & Back + Balance

– X2 Shoulders + Arms

– Base & Back

– PAP Upper

– PAP Lower

– X2 Ab Ripper

– V-Sculpt (X2 – Back & Biceps) – Only in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits

– X2 Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – Only in Deluxe and Ultimate Kits


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James Garr
James Garr

This is going to be fun. I plan on starting a round on Jan 2.

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