P90X2 Asylum Hybrid

p90x2 asylum hybridCan you tell I like hybrid workout schedules?  They are a great way to incorporate multiple workouts and really put together a fun schedule that keeps things interesting.  I am just about to finish up my P90X/Body Beast Hybrid which I really enjoyed, but I figured it was time to incorporate a little more athletic performance training.  So for the next three months I’ll be working on this P90X2 Asylum Hybrid.

Why A P90X2 Asylum Hybrid?

I chose to put together this P90X2 Asylum hybrid because I wanted to focus on athletic performance and core strength.  And in my opinion, P90X2, Asylum 1 and Asylum 2 are the best programs Beachbody has if you want to focus on those two things.  So it’s a very natural fit.  It will be similar to my P90X/Insanity hybrid, but just stepped up a notch.  You get the crazy intense cardio and agility training from Asylum 1 & 2 and the core and strength work from P90X2.  There’s even a hybrid schedule with just Asylum 1 that comes with P90X2, but since Shaun T has released Asylum 2 I figured I would add that in as well.  I’m really looking forward to this schedule and seeing some great progress!

P90X2 Asylum Hybrid Phase 1 – Core/Balance

Monday – X2 Core

Tuesday – X2 Total Body

Wednesday – Speed & Agility

Thursday – Back To Core/Back & 6 Pack (alternate)

Friday – Balance & Power

Saturday – Strength

Sunday – Rest

P90X2 Asylum Hybrid Phase 2 – Strength

Monday – Chest Back & Balance

Tuesday – Vertical Plyo

Wednesday – X2 Shoulders & Arms

Thursday – Base & Back

Friday – X-Trainer

Saturday – Upper Elite

Sunday – Rest

P90X2 Asylum Hybrid Phase 3 – Performance

Monday – P.A.P. Upper

Tuesday – P.A.P. Lower

Wednesday – V Sculpt

Thursday – Power Legs

Friday – X2 Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s

Saturday – Gameday/Championship (alternate)

Sunday – Rest

Are You Ready to Take On This P90X2 Asylum Hybrid?

After typing it out I’m realizing this P90X2 Asylum hybrid is going to be intense.  But if you’ve gone through P90X and Insanity already this could be a really fun schedule to step into and take your fitness to the next level.  I know I’m going to enjoy it.  So if you want in, make sure you have P90X2, Asylum 1 and Asylum 2 and get ready for an intense schedule!



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