P90X-X2-X3 Hybrid

p90x x2 x3 hybridI am a huge fan of hybrid workouts.  If you’re unfamiliar with what a hybrid is, check out this post: Creating a Hybrid.  I think it’s a great way to combine some of your favorite workouts into an entirely new workout that might challenge you in a different way.  I’ve done a ton of hybrids including a P90X/Insanity Hybrid, P90X/P90X2 Hybrid, and a P90X/Body Beast Hybrid just to name a few.  For me it makes things a little more interesting and keeps me motivated.

Seeing as I just finished up my first round of P90X3 (you can see my results here), I thought it was time to add it as a hybrid option.  This hybrid will be a little different than most, as it’s an all Tony Horton hybrid.  Even though it’s only going to be Tony, I think there is enough variation between the programs to really mix it up and keep things interesting.  Plus I think Tony is hilarious, so I get a kick out of doing his workouts.

P90X-X2-X3 Hybrid Schedule

Here is the P90X-X2-X3 hybrid schedule I’ll be following.  Initially I have this planned as a 12 week schedule, but I may decide to do 6 weeks of each phase instead of 4, we’ll see as I get going.  So it could easily be modified to an 18 week schedule if you want.  I don’t have scheduled recovery weeks, but if my body tells me it needs one, I’ll take it.  I’m really looking forward to this schedule as I think it will be pretty challenging, but a lot of fun!

Block 1
Wk 1&3
Monday Chest & Back P90X
Tuesday Plyocide P90X2
Wednesday Base + Back P90X2
Thursday X2 Yoga P90X2
Friday X2 Balance + Power P90X2
Saturday Shoulders & Arms P90X
Sunday Rest/Dynamix P90X3
Wk 2&4
Monday Total Synergistics P90X3
Tuesday Agility X P90X3
Wednesday Legs & Back P90X
Thursday Pilates X P90X3
Friday CVX P90X3
Saturday The Warrior P90X3
Sunday Rest/Dynamix P90X3
Block 2
Wk 1&3
Monday Chest, Back & Balance P90X2
Tuesday X2 Core P90X2
Wednesday Back & Biceps P90X
Thursday Chest, Shoulders & Triceps P90X
Friday FOY Yoga 1-on-1
Saturday Base & Back P90X2
Sunday Rest/Dynamix P90X3
Wk 2&4
Monday Eccentric Upper P90X3
Tuesday Triometrics P90X3
Wednesday Eccentric Lower P90X3
Thursday Pilates X P90X3
Friday Incinerator P90X3
Saturday MMX P90X3
Sunday Rest/Dynamix P90X3
Block 3
Wk 1&3
Monday P.A.P. Upper P90X2
Tuesday P.A.P. Lower P90X2
Wednesday V-Sculpt P90X2
Thursday X2 Yoga P90X2
Friday X2 Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s P90X2
Saturday Legs & Back P90X
Sunday Rest/Dynamix P90X3
Wk 2&4
Monday Complex Upper P90X3
Tuesday Complex Lower P90X3
Wednesday Decelerator P90X3
Thursday Accelerator P90X3
Friday Isometrix P90X3
Saturday The Challenge P90X3
Sunday Rest/Dynamix P90X3


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