P90X vs. The Gym



After many years of working out at the gym and now having experience with Beachbody workouts like P90X and Insanity, I thought it would be good to let you know why I prefer P90X to working out at the gym.  As a disclaimer, I am by no means saying you can’t get in good shape from working out at the gym or doing Crossfit, etc. I personally know people who get great results from doing those things, but I really do feel there are some advantages to P90X that the others lack.  And for me, Beachbody workouts have given me the best results I’ve ever had.  So this is really my experience, which I find to be very common with other people.

1) Variety

When I was involved in sports in high school and then during my time in college I would go to the gym very regularly to lift weights, run on the track, do the elliptical, etc.  I got a lot of my routines from my high school sports training as well as research online.  I was very consistent, going usually 5 days a week, so that wasn’t the tough part for me.  The tough part for me was finding ways to switch up my routine and making things fresh.  I found myself doing the same workouts over and over, and frankly, it got a little boring.  For me, I didn’t always have time to research new routines or moves, so my workouts got stale.  With Beachbody workouts, I get all the variety I need.  I have done Insanity, P90X, Asylum, and some of the P90X 1-on-1 series.  They have an extremely wide variety of workouts that has really helped me keep my workouts new and fresh.  If you’ve already done P90X or Insanity, there are tons of options by adding some Tony Horton 1-0n-1 workouts to your library or even making your own hybrid is a great way to change things up.  Right now I workout with Tony half the week and Shaun T the other half.  I’m not getting bored at all, plus I don’t have to come up with the routines myself!

2) Time

I often hear people say they don’t have an hour to workout in a day (most P90X workouts are about an hour).  Is that really a good excuse for not wanting to do P90X?  I would argue that if you’re going to go workout at the gym, you’re going to spend way more than an hour of your time. Lets add it up, pack for the gym, get in your car and drive to the gym, check in, change, finally get out in the workout area and do your workout, go and shower, pack up, then drive hom.  Plus waiting for machines or weights isn’t really too much fun.  And do you really keep yourself to 30 second-1 minute in between each set?  I doubt it.  You’ve got to talk with your lifting partner or friends there and head over to the water fountain for a drink.  There is no way you get all that done in less than an hour if you want a good workout.  When I went to the gym I found that I would waste a lot of time just standing around either talking or waiting for machines.  With P90X, I just get out of bed, put my workout clothes on, put the DVD in and hit play.  The break between sets is built in, so I know I’m not spending 5 minutes between workouts.  Then when I’m done I just make my breakfast and shower.  There is very little wasted time when I do P90X.   Plus, it’s a lot harder to let the excuse of bad weather get in my way for a workout.  If you live in a snowy state like me (MN), how many times do you skip going to the gym because you don’t want to go scrape your car and be freezing cold?  I don’t get that excuse in my living room!

3) Money

I also hear people complain about the cost of P90X.  It’s $120, which at first might sound like a lot.  But when you compare it to the gym is it really that bad?  I know there are some gyms that have memberships for $30-40 a month, but that is definitely on the cheap side.  Even if you’re only paying $30 a month, a year membership costs you 3 times as much as P90X.  Plus, if you have a trainer that’s making workout plans for you, then the cost goes way up.  Now obviously there is equipment you need for P90X, like the pull-up bar and weights or bands.  So you will pay more than $120, but those are all one-time costs as well.  I know I come out way ahead by doing Beachbody workouts.  Plus, if you are going to buy products from Beachbody, you can get 25% off by being a coach like me.  I know plenty of people who just sign up to coach so they can have the discount, even if  they don’t intend to coach others.  My main point here is, add up the cost of going to the gym (especially thinking of the price of gas!) and add up the cost of P90X ($120, or $90 if you’re a coach) and I think the choice is clear.

4) Privacy

I know this isn’t always a huge problem for people, but for lots of people just getting into a workout regiment, going to the gym can be very intimidating.  When you’re uncomfortable and feel out of place it’s a lot harder to get motivated to get a good workout in.  You might be self-conscious about your form or  the amount of weight you’re doing, which can lead you to getting discouraged.  That’s what I love about working out in my own living room.  If I’m doing a move where I can’t do much weight, I’m not worried about what other people think because there’s no one there.  I know I would feel really goofy doing the Insanity workouts in a big gym with lots of people around, but I don’t worry about that in my home.  That lets me go all out on the workouts and get the most out of them without being self-conscious about how I look!

5) Nutrition info

This is probably one of things that I think sets the Beachbody workout programs apart from other programs and the gym.  Not only do you get great workouts, but more importantly, you an awesome nutrition guide to go along with it!  In my opinion, your nutrition is more important that the workouts, so this is a key element to your success and Beachbody gives you the tools you need.  The P90X nutrition guide helps you figure out how many calories you should eat and what percentage of carbs/protein/fat you should be eating to reach your goals.  Not only that, but they provide recipes that you can try if you’re not too comfortable in the kitchen.  If you’re just working out at the gym, you don’t get any of this information, which will really hinder your results.  The comprehensive nutrition guide is one of my favorite parts of P90X!

6) Community

Now this is an area where the gym does pretty well too.  When I worked out at the gym there were people there that I became friends with and encouraged me to get better and push myself.  You can definitely make good friends at the gym and share ideas which is great.  I think Team Beachbody brings it to a whole new level with the coaching system.  Anyone who signs up for a Team Beachbody account is automatically assigned a coach that can get them answers.  The teams that are created provide a ton of info and support for people going through the workouts.  And teambeachbody.com has tons of message boards where you can post questions and get really fast answers.  The Team Beachbody community is awesome!

7) Results

Last, but certainly not least, are the results I have seen by doing Beachbody programs compared to working out at the gym.  I have spent years at the gym and never really gotten the results I wanted.  I got pretty strong, but I was never really able to cut my body fat down that much which was frustrating.  In just 150 days, going through Insanity first and then P90X, I’m in better shape than I have ever been!!  I followed the nutrition guide and incorporated Shakeology every day.  Take a look at my results or tons of other people who have seen great results with P90X, the proof is there!  Now I’m not saying that you can’t get good results working out at the gym, but in my experience, my results have been way better with P90X!

So if you’ve been frustrated with going to the gym and not seeing the results you want, I encourage you to try P90X!  If you follow the nutrition guide and push play every day you WILL see the results you want.  So why wait?  Go here to find more info on P90X.

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