P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme

p90x vs chalean extremeThese two programs don’t often get compared, but I think it’s important to discuss the pros and cons of P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme.  Most guys are probably thinking, “this is a no-brainer, P90X wins hands down“.  That probably would have been my view over a year ago too, but then Rochelle got ChaLEAN Extreme and watching her do it and seeing Rochelle’s ChaLEAN Extreme results, it made me re-think my opinion on P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme.  In my opinion, both programs are awesome but neither one is right for everyone.  So I wanted to highlight each and let you decide what to think of P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme.

P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme – P90X

When it comes to popularity, P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme is no contest, P90X is more popular by far.  But that doesn’t necessarily make it the better program in every situation.  I wanted to go over the pro’s and con’s of P90X first to help you make your decision if you’re thinking about trying one or the other.

Pro’s of P90X:

-VERY intense workouts
-Helps you build muscle which helps shed fat and burn calories
-Great for people who like pull-ups and  push-ups
-Awesome nutrition guide
-Good challenge for those who have a good baseline of fitness

Cons of P90X:

-there are no cons (ok, just kidding)
-6 days a week at an hour+ per workout
-Can be very difficult if you really struggle with push-ups and pull-ups
-Has to be modified if you’re really out of shape

Basically, when thinking of P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme, P90X would be optimal for people who are looking for a new fitness challenge.  Maybe you’ve already completed another workout program or are looking to take your workouts to the next level.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be modified so that anyone can do it, but that can be discouraging for some people.  And there are lots of pull-ups and push-ups in the workouts.  If you like those and want to improve in those areas (that’s me) then P90X is the best program out there, but on the other hand, if you hate pull-ups and push-ups, you could quickly get discouraged from having to do them so often.  Also, the time commitment is more significant for P90X, which can creep up as an excuse for some people (although I don’t really buy it!).

P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme – CLX

Again, my opinion on P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme has changed a ton after seeing Rochelle complete the program.  While I haven’t done the workouts myself, I have seen her doing them and have seen how well the program works, so I am definitely a believer in CLX!  So I wanted to give you the pros and cons of CLX as well.

Pros of CLX:

-Only 5 days a week, and most workouts are 30-45 minutes
-3 distinct phases designed to keep challenging your body
-Awesome resistance training but there are no pull-ups and not quite as many push-ups
-Comes with a good nutrition guide

Cons of CLX:

-Not as extreme as P90X
-Might not be as challenging for those who have done something like P90X
-More geared towards women (only a con for guys :P)

When it comes to P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme it really can be a tough choice.  CLX is definitely geared more towards women, so if you’re a woman, it might feel more comfortable and up your alley to do CLX.  As a guy, it just might not be as appealing.  But I know that many women struggle with pull-ups and push-ups at times, and I hate to see people discouraged because they can’t do any unassisted pull-ups.  CLX is also more geared towards building long, lean muscle which most women prefer to bulking up more.  But I know the resistance days really work and it’s absolutely true that the muscle you build is going to rev your metabolism and help your body burn more calories throughout the day.  So for many women, I do recommend CLX or P90X.

The bottom line with P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme…

The bottom line is that P90X isn’t right for everyone and neither is ChaLEAN Extreme.  It all depends on your fitness background and what your goals are.  Your preferences play a huge role here too.  Do you like doing pull-ups and push-ups?  If you do, P90X is a great fit.  If that intimidates you or frustrates you, then it’s not the right program in my opinion.  And if you pick something that you hate, there’s a very low chance that you’re going to stick with it.  ChaLEAN Extreme is an awesome program.  I personally think many women would prefer it to P90X and would still get awesome results.  Can P90X be modified for anyone?  Sure.  But not everyone responds well to that.  Bottom line is that both programs are great in the right situation.

Click HERE to take the P90X Challenge

Click HERE to take the ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge

So if you’re contemplating doing P90X vs ChaLEAN Extreme, I hope this has helped you figure out what would be the right fit for you.  And if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or shoot me a message.

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