P90X P90X2 Hybrid

p90x p90x2 hybridWith my first round of P90X2 nearly under my belt, I figured it was time to start planning ahead and figure out what I wanted my next round to look like.  So I decided to create my own P90X P90X2 hybrid schedule.  I was torn between doing another round of P90X2 or a full round of P90X, so I figured I would just do them both!  I like how P90X2 has distinct phases with very different workouts and all the core work you get, but I also like the more traditional workouts in P90X where you can lift heavier, which I’m looking to do.  I’m really looking to get stronger and add some size with this next round, so I figured this would be the perfect combination of workouts.  You’ll notice there isn’t a ton of “cardio” in this schedule, but I burn enough calories with the lifting routines that I’m not too worried about that. So here is my P90X P90X2 hybrid schedule.

P90X P90X2 Hybrid – Phase 1 Core/Foundation

Day 1: Chest + Back + Balance & ARX2
Day 2: X2 Core
Day 3: Base + Back & ARX2
Day 4: X2 Yoga
Day 5: X2 Balance + Power
Day 6: X2 Shoulders + Arms & ARX2
Day 7: Rest

P90X P90X2 Hybrid – Phase 2 Heavy Lifting 

Day1: Chest & Back + ARX
Day 2: Plyocide
Day 3: Back & Biceps + ARX
Day 4: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Day 5: Yoga X
Day 6: Legs & Back
Day 7: Rest

P90X P90X2 Hybrid – Phase 3 Performance

Day 1: P.A.P. Upper
Day 2: P.A.P. Lower
Day 3: V-Sculpt & ARX2
Day 4: Rest/Recovery & Mobility
Day 5: X2 Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s & ARX
Day 6: Base & Back
Day 7: Rest

My plan is to go heavy during the second round and really focus on increasing my strength.  I’m not scheduling in set times for recovery weeks, but will take them as needed.  I’ve found that I can tell when my body needs a break from the intense workouts, so I will just pay attention and take a few days to a week of less intense workouts to give my body rest as needed.  I am very excited to get going on my P90X P90X2 hybrid and anyone is more than welcome to join me!  If you want to but don’t have either program, you can click here to order P90X or here to order P90X2.

If you were looking for a good P90X P90X2 hybrid, hopefully this gives you a good idea of where to start,  feel free to leave comments or shoot me a message if you have questions!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Ha, me too, how can you not love him??


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