P90X Body Beast Hybrid Results

This past week I finally finished up my P90X Body Beast hybrid, so I wanted to share my results from the hybrid and also my thoughts on how it’s laid out.  I really had a lot of fun with this schedule and I think the programs complement each other pretty well, so it was a pretty natural fit to do them together.  Plus I get a kick out of both Sagi and Tony so I didn’t mind 90 days with both of them.

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Results – Pics & Numbers

I always like to post progress pics to help keep myself accountable with my team and let everyone know how I’m doing.  I was pretty happy with my P90X Body Beast hybrid results.  I designed it to help put on some size and I think it did just that.  I gained about 1/2 inch in my chest and 1/2 inch in each arm.  My legs stayed about the same.  For me where I notice the biggest difference is in my back, specifically my lats and also my shoulders.  I think both programs hit your shoulders pretty hard, and I feel like my shoulders got a lot more developed and defined.  My body fat is a little higher than I’d like it, around the 9-10%, but that isn’t all too surprising to me and I was trying to put on some size and expected it.  I’m using my next 90 days to take care of that!  I’m sitting at right about 200 lbs which is on the heavier side for me.

So those are the numbers, and here are the pictures:

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Results – Front/Side

p90x body beast hybrid results

p90x body beast hybrid results

p90x body beast hybrid results

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Results – Back

p90x body beast hybrid results

p90x body beast hybrid results

My Thoughts on the P90X Body Beast Hybrid

So I’m pretty happy with my P90X Body Beast hybrid results.  I feel like I made some good size gains and accomplished what I wanted to.  So overall, I did really enjoy doing this hybrid.  What I like about combining P90X and Body Beast is that you can work the same muscle group multiple times a week and you’ll be hitting those muscles with many different exercises.  P90X has a lot more body weight exercises, with push-ups and pull-ups.  Body Beast focuses a lot more on using weights to get the job done.  I noticed this especially in the back exercises.  Body Beast incorporates many different kinds of rows and even dead lifts.  P90X uses many more pull-ups.  I like both so I did both in the same week.

The differences between the programs really complement each other well.  If you’re looking to build muscle, this is an awesome schedule.  The only thing I would caution you with is to make sure you incorporate some rest.  I took a partial rest week, and I got sick for one week as well which served as a rest week.  But the reason I say that is you’re hitting your shoulders really hard.  They get worked pretty much all the time.  Anytime you’re working your chest or back, you’re also hitting your shoulders.  Mine started to get more sore towards the end than I liked, but adding in another partial rest week would have cured that I’m sure.  So if you follow this schedule, just make sure to listen to your body and rest when needed!

So there you have it, these are my P90X Body Beast hybrid results.  If you have any questions feel free to comment here and as always, if you need motivation or want encouragement, you can go here to make me your free coach.



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