P90X Body Beast Hybrid

p90x body beast hybridWhen it comes to my workouts, I always like to think ahead and be prepared for what I’m going to do.  I find that if I have a set schedule, I am way more likely to stick with my workouts.  Having a schedule laid out just keeps me focused on what I’m doing and gives me a track to run on.  I like to create hybrids of programs too because it adds in some variety which I like.  So to start the new year off, I’m going to be doing this P90X Body Beast hybrid.

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Schedule

These are probably my two favorite workout programs, so I thought it only made sense to come up with a P90X Body Beast hybrid.  I’ve done P90X a number of times and recently finished up Body Beast, which I felt gave me some good results.  Both programs are 90 days, with 3 phases, so it works pretty well to combine them.  Here is the schedule:

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Phase 1

Monday – Chest & Back (P90X)

Tuesday – Shoulders & Arms (P90X)

Wednesday – Build Legs (Body Beast)

Thursday – BEAST Cardio (Body Beast)

Friday – Build Chest & Tri’s (Body Beast)

Saturday – Legs & Back (P90X)

Sunday – Rest

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Phase 2

Monday – Back & Bi’s (P90X)

Tuesday – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (P90X)

Wednesday – Bulk Legs (Body Beast)

Thursday – Bulk Chest (Body Beast)

Friday – Bulk Back (Body Beast)

Saturday – Bulk Shoulders/Arms (Body Beast)

Sunday – Rest

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Phase 3

Monday – Chest & Back (P90X)

Tuesday – Plyo X (P90X)

Wednesday – Shoulders & Arms (P90X)

Thursday – Legs & Back (P90X)

Friday –  Build Chest & Tri’s (Body Beast)

Saturday – Build Back & Bi’s (Body Beast)

Sunday – Rest

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Goals

As you can see there’s not a ton of cardio in this P90X Body Beast hybrid.  I did that intentionally.  I made sure to keep one day of cardio in Phases 1 & 3, but I more want to focus on building muscle and getting stronger.  Since the P90X workouts are a bit longer than the Body Beast workouts I’m not really that worried about my body fat increasing and will adjust my nutrition as I go.

If you’ve been looking for a good P90X Body Beast hybrid I think this will be a fun schedule to follow.  If you do plan on using it leave a comment here and let me know when you’re starting!


Here's how I've made some changes : PHASE 1: X Chest&Back(Beast ABS) / X Plyo / X shoulder&arms X2 ripper/ Insanity Pure Cardio / Build chest&Tri beast abs/ X2 Base&Back Week 4: Beast Total body/ ABS, core plus/ Cardio Power &Resistance / ABS, core Plus / Beast total body/ X2 Core PHASE 2: X Chest,shoulder,tri beast ABS / Max interval/ X back&bis beast ABS / bulk chest fast and furious/ X2 base&back X2 ripper / Bulk Shoulder&Arms Week4: Same PHASE 3: Week 1,3 (phase 1 schedule) Week 2,4 (phase 2 schedule)


just finished beast build phase...loving it so far, however I miss the conditioning of P90X...Will definitely start this hybrid on Beast completion.....Best hybrid iv'e seen! Beast is a great stand alone program nevertheless, minus the one cardio day. Thx again


Thank you! this is what I have been searching for...your schedule involves training body parts at least twice a week I think this is needed for optimal building. I will just tweek it a bit by substituting it with some x2, x plus, and some cardio on bulk lifting days. At 5-10 and 209 (muscular build) I wish to lean out a bit more.... thx again!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

That's a great schedule, I like the added cardio for leaning out. When I need a recovery week I plan on doing a similar schedule as your week 4. Do more total body workouts for that week.

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Nice, yeah I know what you mean. I went right from Body Beast to Asylum 2. Definitely took some time to get my endurance back. Glad you're liking Body Beast and I'd love to hear how you like the hybrid once you get to it!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

No problem Edwin! Yeah I'm excited for this schedule too, I think hitting each body part twice a week will really give good results. Have you done Body Beast before or will it be your first time through?


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