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I know most people are familiar or have heard of P90X, but are have you heard of P30X??  No, unfortunately it is not a way to get awesome results in only 30 days.  What I mean by P30X is the situation when someone is all excited to get in shape and starts P90X (or another Beachbody program) and ends up quitting after only 30 days.  It’s actually very common for people to drop off around the 30 day mark, which is really too bad because they’re really just getting started.

Maybe you’re someone who has lost their motivation to get in shape and have started a program several times only to end up quitting.  So why can it be so easy to lose the excitement you initially start with?

I think one common issue is that people don’t see the types of results they want.  I see this a lot on the message boards on teambeachbody.com.  “I’ve done 30 days of P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, etc. and I haven’t lost any weight or seen any changes.”  For one thing, you need to have realistic expectations on how much change you can make in the first 30 days.  Your body is adjusting to the new workouts and hopefully the new diet, so sometimes it takes a little while to start seeing results.  But the real issue is nutrition.  I bet 9 out of 10 people who say they have this problem are not following a nutrition guide at all or are just trying to “eat healthy” without actually tracking what they’re eating.  If you’re not tracking and following a nutrition guide, your chance for success is low.  But people will think the program doesn’t work because they’re not ripped yet, and they’ll quit.

A second reason that I think people lost motivation is because they don’t have any goals when they start.  This is difficult, because programs like P90X or Insanity are hard.  It’s also not easy to change your diet and really stick to it, especially if you’ve spent most of your life building bad habits of eating junk and being a coach potato.  If you don’t have a vision for where you want to go, then when things get tough, which they will, it often seems easier to just quit.  So write down your goals and revisit them often.  Be as detailed as you can be and share them with someone close to you who you trust.  You have to find your “why” for getting in shape and taking charge of your health.  If you haven’t read them, check out my articles about your “Why” here and writing SMART goals here.

A third reason why I see people quitting P90X after only 30 days is that they lack accountability or a support group.  They feel like they’re trying to do it all alone and they don’t have anyone they can turn to for advice or motivation.  Believe me, that’s not the situation you want to be in when starting a program!  You might even have negative people in your life telling you that it’s too tough and you’ll never stick with it.  Learn how to deal with them here.  Being part of a group of supportive people can go a long way to helping you stick with a program and reaching your goals.  And that’s a huge reason why I started this team.  I want to inspire and motivate people to get healthy and stay healthy.  So if you’re struggling with motivation right now, please reach out to me or other members of our team!!  I can’t stress this enough.  I’m here to help you all out!  So get plugged in and lets motivate each other to reach our goals!

What I call P30X is all too common, which I really think is too bad.  If you are struggling for motivation right now and feel like giving up please reach out to me before you do!  Or if you have already quit but want to get back in gear there’s no shame in re-starting a program!  Let me know and I can help you set goals that will keep you motivated, and if you plug in here we can all help each other out.

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dont give up guys ....if you keep pushing play everyday you will see something call "Result" ....need goal ? reach Tom or me ... we all here get you to your goal and it is "FREE"

Aaron (tbbasiancoach)
Aaron (tbbasiancoach)

Wow! My first 30 days was awesome and amazing...

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Yeah, you really brought it your first 30 days, nice work!


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