P.A.P. Upper Review

p.a.p. upper reviewIf you’ve been keeping up with my P90X2 workout reviews, you’ll know I posted a review of P.A.P. Lower a few weeks ago.  Well I wanted to fill you in on the other half, and write up my P.A.P. Upper Review.  Again, this is another workout that relies on the Post Activation Potentiation technique designed by trainers at P3.  Let me tell you, they’ve come up with something great!  Just like P.A.P. Lower, this is in the Performance phase of P90X2.

P.A.P. Upper Review – Equipment

This is always a concern with the P90X2 workouts, so I want to make sure you know what you do and don’t need for P.A.P. Upper.  You’re doing quite a variety of moves in this workout so there are a few thing that would come in handy.  At the bare minimum, for P.A.P. Upper you need resistance bands.  You could definitely do all the moves with just the bands.  But if you want to do the workout like they do on the video you will need:

Dumbbells (or, again, resistance bands) for renegade rows and step-up shoulder press
1 med ball for the med ball plank and pike move
1 plyo box or sturdy chair for the step-up shoulder press
A pull-up bar and two towels for towel pull-ups
A weighted bar (I used a resistance band you could also use a broom) for the superman’s
Foam roller for the roller angels

So as you can see, the equipment for P.A.P. Upper is a little more extensive, but again, you can absolutely do the whole workout with resistance bands.  It’s a little easier to do some of the moves with the other equipment, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing the workout without it.

 P.A.P. Upper Review – Workout Structure

P.A.P. Upper is structured exactly like P.A.P. Lower.  You have two complexes, which each consist of 4 moves.  You do each complex 4 times in a row without any breaks, so it gets very intense.  Tony says it in the workouts, but you’ll look like you just ran a race by the end of it.  It’s a great mix of core, resistance and explosive moves.  The only break you get is between the two complexes.  So this workout goes quick, but you do 32 moves so you’re pretty much toast by the end of it.

P.A.P. Upper Review – My Thoughts

My P.A.P. Upper Review is very similar to my thoughts on P.A.P. Lower.  I really enjoy this workout and am also glad they waited for the third phase to throw it in the mix.  I love the fast pace and the combination of different types of moves.  You definitely will not get bored doing this workout, and it’s a little shorter than other P90X2 and P90X workouts that you might be used to.  And who doesn’t like a little shorter workout?  Even though it’s shorter, don’t worry, you’re not missing out on burning any calories.  You will burn a ton of calories and get a great pump from P.A.P. Upper.

Also, if you haven’t done P.A.P. Upper you might be a little surprised at my choice, but the hardest move in my opinion is the med ball plank.  It might not sound that tough at first, you’re just in a plank with your feet on one med ball, but your shoulders are going to be on fire by the 4th round of the first complex which makes it incredibly hard to hold that plank with good form.  The other moves in P.A.P. Upper are tough, but I think this is the hardest!

P.A.P. Upper is just another testament to how much thought and work Tony and the rest of the team put into making P90X2.  I couldn’t be happier with this workout and the whole program in general.  If you’re looking to see what it’s all about and want to join me, you can do so by ordering here: Order P90X2

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