P.A.P. Lower – P90X2 Workout Review

P90X2 workoutFor those of you out there looking for specific P90X2 workout reviews, I want to start a series of posts outlining all the workouts.  The first workout I want to review is P.A.P. Lower.  P.A.P. stands for Post Activation Potentiation, and you can read more about that training technique on the P3 website.  This P90X2 workout is in the Performance Phase, and let me tell you, it’s a killer workout.

P90X2 Workout – P.A.P. Lower – Equipment

First, because it’s a very common question, I wanted to let you know what equipment is actually used in this P90X2 workout.  You can always modify the workout, and they show you how in the video, if you don’t have this equipment.  But to get the most out of P.A.P Lower, you will need:

Dumbbells.  You can’t really substitute in resistance bands for these moves, so if you don’t have dumbbells you’ll just have to go without any weight.  But don’t worry, you can still get a great workout in.

Plyo box.  The first move is called a “step-up convict” and it has you stepping up onto a plyo box.  I personally don’t have a plyo box, but I have a foot stool and it works perfectly.  You could also use  a step to accomplish what the plyo box does, so most people should still be able to get the most out of the move without an actual plyo box.  They also show you how to modify it without stepping up at all.

2 medicine balls.  These are not necessary by any means, but they do use them.  You only use them for the “squat cross reach” move, and they’re really only meant to be guides.  They are placed on the floor, and you’re supposed to do a one-legged squat until one knee hits the first medicine ball, and then you reach out your hand in the direction of the other medicine ball.  You can easily do this move without the medicine balls so if you don’t have them, it’s not a big deal for this workout.

P90X2 Workout – P.A.P. Lower – Workout Structure

Many P90x2 workouts have a similar structure, where you do a set of moves, and then repeat that one or two times.  P.A.P. Lower is similar, but they really kick up the intensity with this workout.  You have 2 sets of 4 moves each.  And each set of 4 moves is repeated 4 times with no break.  So you do the first 4 moves in order and repeat that 4 times, then you get a short break, and then you’re on to the next 4 moves and you do them in order 4 times.  So in this workout, you get very little time to rest or recover.  You’re always going, and I know my heart rate gets pretty high and stays high!  This does make the workout go quicker, though, which is nice.

P90X2 Workout – P.A.P. Lower – My Thoughts

In my opinion, this is the best leg workout I’ve done in any workout program.  I’ve done P90X, Insanity and Asylum, and I still think this is the best leg workout out there.  I like it because it’s very fast paced, but includes different types of moves.  It’s not just all plyo and it’s not just all lifting/squatting moves.  This workout really makes you work on your balance as well as on your agility and explosiveness.  I also feel like it just works my legs in a different way, because after my first couple times, I was sore in places I never really have been before.  I am very glad it is coming in the last phase, of P90X2, though, because I know I would not be very well prepared for it if I hadn’t gone through the Foundation and Strength phases already.

Also, in case you were wondering, in my opinion, the hardest move in this P90X2 workout is the squat cross reach.  It’s a one-legged squat, and when you reach the bottom of the squat you have to reach out your hand across your body while holding a dumbbell and kicking your leg back at the same time.  It requires a lot of balance and strength just to stay up!

You can tell Tony did his research for P.A.P. Lower, and all the P90X2 workouts.  I hope this review was helpful, and if you want to join me in doing P90X2, you can follow this link to order the P90X2 workout.



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