Overeating is something that plagues America.  Go to most restaurants and just look at how much food they serve for one meal.  Portions are huge and that’s not even considering all the buffets that you could go to.  At a buffet it’s pretty much impossible to not overeat.  You feel obligated to eat 3 or 4 courses and really get your money’s worth.

So why is overeating such a problem for people?  I think there are a couple reasons.

First, I think more people are addicted to food than might admit it.  They crave sweets, pop, or salty snacks.  Foods like this do trigger pleasure receptors in your brain which just makes you want more of them.  Breaking those habits and the addiction to that food is hard, and many people can’t do it or don’t want to.  People often turn to these foods when they’re feeling bad as well, and emotional eating can be very harmful and really cause you to put on weight.  “Comfort” food might make someone feel better in the short term, but in the long term it can have devastating impacts to their health.

Second, I think people overeat because the food they eat is calorie dense bit nutrient poor, so they never really feel satisfied.  Your body needs nutrients but if the foods you’re eating aren’t giving your body what it needs, you’ll just feel like you need to keep eating.  This makes it really easy to overeat, since your body keeps looking for the nutrients it needs, but you never really feel satisfied eating those foods.

If you want to break the addiction and stop overeating, you really need to eat healthy, whole foods because that is what your body wants.  I think a whole foods, plant based diet is the best way to go, but you don’t necessarily need to completely cut out meats and dairy.  But for me, since I’ve been eating a vegan diet, I have felt very satisfied and never feel like I’m starving myself.  When you feel like this throughout the day, it leads you to only eat the food you need, and not all the excess that many people end up eating.  I feel more satisfied for a longer period of time, and my food cravings have all but gone away.

For me, I also think Shakeology has been extremely helpful in keeping me from overeating.  It is the most nutrient rich food I have throughout my day.  When I first started changing my diet I still found myself craving the old, unhealthy foods that I knew I shouldn’t eat.  Once I incorporated Shakeology every day, I noticed a drastic decrease in my cravings for those foods. It stopped because I was giving my body the nutrients it was craving, so I actually started feeling satisfied and not feeling like I needed to keep eating.  That’s why I still eat it for lunch every day.  I know it sounds corny, but it really is the healthiest meal of my day.

If you’re struggling with cravings for the foods you know are holding you back, I would highly recommend you give Shakeology a try.  I truly believe it has played a major role in me getting my weight and health under control, and it can go a long way in transforming your nutrition.  Not only will it be a healthy meal in itself, but since it satisfies your body with the nutrients it needs, you’ll stop overeating at other meals and you’ll find your sweet tooth goes away.

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