Overcoming Obstacles

There’s no question that life isn’t always easy.  I think it is easy at times to look at other people who have been successful in any area of their life and assume it must have been a smooth ride and they must not have faced many obstacles.  I know this can be common when looking at people who have really turned their health around and have had great physical transformations.  But I really believe that everyone faces adversity.  Whether it’s bad habits, discouraging words from friends/family members, bad genetics, injuries, or lack of motivation (there are many more I could list) everyone will face something like this at some point in their journey to get in shape and be healthy.  And overcoming those obstacles and getting in shape isn’t easy!  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  All the tools anyone could need are out there.  Beachbody has phenomenal workout programs, detailed nutrition guides, supplement that works, and great equipment.  The hard part isn’t knowing what to do, it is sticking with the program/nutrition guide!

For me, the biggest physical obstacle I’ve ever faced came in high school.  My junior year during my first varsity start as a running back on our football team I ended up breaking my femur on my second carry of the game.  It doesn’t get much more disappointing than that!  I had worked my butt of in the off season and during the first 4 weeks of training camp to earn a starting spot, and immediately I was done for the year.  Worse yet was that I had a tumor which had weakened my bone, and I had to wait for a biopsy to learn if it was cancerous or not.  Thankfully it wasn’t, because if it had been I probably wouldn’t be here typing this right now.  I had a ton of people praying for me during that time and I am still thankful that God spared me from anything worse.  I ended up having a 6 hour surgery to repair the bone with lost of metal, stayed in the hospital for a whole week to recover, where I lost 35 lbs., and couldn’t put any pressure on that leg for 10 weeks.  I definitely would not recommend this as a way to lose weight, though :).  This picture is the incision they had to cut to do all the work.  I have to say the doctors did an amazing job!

So at that point, I was faced with a major obstacle.  I had already lost my football season, but I also played baseball, which was roughly 7 months away, and I didn’t want this to ruin that season too.  So I set my goal: get cleared by my doctor and be ready for the start of baseball season in the spring.  I knew it was possible, but I had a long ways to go.  Thankfully, I had an amazing support group around me.  First, my mom, dad and brother were all huge encouragements for me as I started my rehab.  My brother had been through some bad sports injuries as well, so he was a great example of how to get back in  shape.  And both my parents helped me with my rehab exercises and made sure I did them every day.  I have to say, they could be painful, but I knew that if I wanted to play baseball, I had to do them.  My best friend and lifting partner also helped me out a bunch.  There was nothing wrong with my upper body, so when I had enough strength, I went to the gym on crutches and did upper body exercises with him.  All my coaches were supper encouraging as well and checked in with me often to see how things were going.  I truly had a team of support!  So for that whole 7 months, I worked hard on my rehab and kept progressing, and I finally did get cleared and was back, stronger than I had been before the injury, and got to play baseball that spring.

I really think God used that time to mature me, and even though I had a love for sports and still do, I think He really showed me that maybe they weren’t quite as important as I had once thought they were.  My brother pointed out a verse that really helped me through that time, Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” It also gave me a huge appreciation for the body that God has given me, and how most of the time it functions flawlessly.  Even more motivation to keep it that way!

So if you’re facing obstacles like that, or in another area of your life, I think there are some principles you can apply to help you overcome those obstacles and reach your goals.

-First, you have to have a goal in mind.  If you have no goal and don’t know where you want to get or what you want to do, how will you accomplish it?  You absolutely need to give yourself something to shoot for.  Read an article I wrote about setting goals here.

-Second, you need a support team!  My support team included God, my family, my close friends, my coaches, and my teammates.  I had an overwhelming amount of support.  Support is crucial, which is why I started Team New Body.  If you’re really struggling with something, don’t struggle alone!  Plug in here and find the support you need from me and the other members.  If you come here often, but aren’t officially a part of the team, then sign up!  Let us be a support for you and help you reach your goals!

-Third, to go along with your goal, you need to know why you’re doing what you’re doing.  If you’re looking to take charge of your health and get in shape, why are you doing it?  If you don’t connect  your goal with your why, you will have way less motivation to stick with it and overcome the hardships you will face.  If you want to learn more about this, read my article here.

When you have those three things in place, you really set yourself up to overcome any obstacle in your way.  When something tough comes up, your support team can really pick you up, and looking at your goals, and your “why” will keep you focused and won’t let you get distracted from getting where you want to be.

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