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So it’s finally here, today is the day that you can order vanilla Shakeology!  Beachbody has been working for a VERY long time to come up with a formula that stayed true to a non-gmo, natural product.  Vanilla is an extremely hard flavor to make taste good naturally. All the other vanilla products out there use artificial sweeteners and ingredients to get the taste right.  That’s something Beachbody is just unwilling to do with Shakeology.  But yesterday they announced it and today you can finally order vanilla Shakeology!

Order Vanilla Shakeology – Taste Panel

order vanilla shakeologyI actually had an inkling that they would announce you could order vanilla Shakeology soon because a couple months ago I was actually on a taste panel for a new flavor of Shakeology.  All I knew originally was that it was a new flavor and that I had to keep my mouth shut!  I would have loved to tell everyone what was going on, but they didn’t want that getting out.  Of course they wanted to know the results of the taste panel before going forward and letting people order vanilla Shakeology.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of vanilla flavored products, but I will most likely be ordering vanilla Shakeology to at least try.  I did really enjoy my samples that I got to taste and know that for you vanilla lovers out there this will hit the spot!  Here’s a little video about the process Beachbody took to develop vanilla Shakeology:

So if you’ve been itching to order vanilla Shakeology the time has come!




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