Order P90X3!

order p90x3Today is the day!  P90X3 is now available and I couldn’t be more excited.  Beachbody has said that if you order by December 15th, they will guarantee you get your order before Christmas.  So if you’re looking to give this as a gift to the P90X fan in your life, make sure you order by the 15th and you should get it in time.  I’m ordering mine today, though 🙂

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a little sneak peak of what P90X3 is all about.  If this doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will!

Different Ways to Order P90X3

Similar to the release of P90X2, you can order P90X3 in different packages.  P90X3 will come in a Base Kit, Deluxe Kit, Ultimate Kit and Challenge Pack.  I’ll detail them for you here so you know what you’re ordering:

P90X3 Base Kit Includes:

-16 unique workouts
-Fitness Guide
-Nutrition Guide
-90 Day Workout Calendar
-How to Accelerate Intro DVD
-P90X One on One: On One Leg DVD (only when you order through me)
-Exclusive P90X3 hat (only when you order through me and in December)

order p90x3 base kit


P90X3 Deluxe Kit Includes:

-Everything in the Base Kit
-3 Elite Extreme Workouts
-Elite Block Calendar
-1 month E&E Tub
-3 B-Lines Resistance Bands

order p90x3 deluxe kit



P90X3 Ultimate Kit Includes:

-Everything in the Baes & Deluxe Kits
-1 Month R&R Tub
-P90X Chin-Up Bar
-Premium Beachbody Jump Mat

order p90x3 ultimate kit


P90X3 Challenge Pack Includes:

-P90X3 Base Kit
-30 Day Supply of Shakeology HD
-30 Day VIP Team Beachbody Club Membership
-FREE shipping (in January it goes to $2)
-Special Price of $180 for the month of December Only (reg. $205)

order p90x3 challenge pack

Order P90X3 In Time For Our Challenge

One thing I love to do, especially with new workouts, is to create challenge groups.  It’s a great atmosphere for people to bounce ideas off each other, stay motivated to stick with their workouts and to really get the most out of the program.  So stay tuned for more details, but we will be starting at the beginning of January, so make sure you order P90X3 in time if you want to join us!


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