Do you really have to work out today?  Why can’t you just take a few days off?  You mean you’re not going to eat that?  Why are you so obsessed with working out?  Can’t you just relax?

Do any of these questions look familiar?  If you are committed to following your Beachbody workout program and nutrition plan, these might be common questions you get.  Other people see your dedication and think you’ve gone crazy.  The old you used to just sit around and eat junk food when it was available.  Now you’re working out, even when you’re on vacation or visiting relatives, and you leave the junk for everyone else.  You’ve changed your habits, and people are noticing.  Don’t worry, this is a good thing!

The fact that you’re disciplined and won’t let distractions or different circumstances get in the way of your success will benefit you in the long run.  People might make comments about how obsessed you are, especially if you’re the only one who’s not eating the pizza at the work party or if you get up early in the morning on a day off or on vacation to do your P90X or Insanity workout that you brought with.  The good thing is that they are taking notice of your new, healthier lifestyle!  The fact that they make those comments means you’re having an impact on them.

Often times the comments you get are negative.  They try to make you give in and be lazy, and they question why you’re working out or eating the way you are.  But what’s really going on?  I think other people will try to bring you down, because they feel insecure about themselves.  They want to feel better about not working out and eating all the goodies at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so they try to make you feel awkward or embarrassed for sticking with your workouts and nutrition plan.  They want to justify their unhealthy lifestyle by making fun of the person, you, who is actually making healthy decisions.  Secretly, I think a lot of those people wish they had your dedication and are actually a little embarrassed about themselves.  They would love to be in shape like you and to have your self control.  So when you get comments like this, just know that you are setting a good example for them, and eventually they might even come to you for advice on how to get started themselves!

Because lets face it, working out 5 or 6 days a week, sticking to a nutrition plan, and tracking what you eat are not the norm in our society.  The norm is to stuff your face and being extra lazy around the holidays, putting on at least 5-10 pounds.  So if you don’t do that, you are viewed as “obsessed” by those who don’t have the self control.  It’s ok to stick out, though!  It’s a good thing to not be doing the norm right now.  How many people are going to set New Year’s resolutions that they’re not going to keep because of this last month with all the food and no exercise?  But because you’re “obsessed” you won’t need to set and break that resolution, you’re already on track to get to your goal weight!  So when people try to bring you down and mock you, calling you crazy or obsessed, just know that in all reality they probably are a little jealous that you have some self control and discipline that they wish they had.  Take it as an opportunity to explain why you’re living a healthy lifestyle and why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you might just find you have a new workout buddy and someone to help get started!

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You crazy.

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Exactly what I'm talking about Ross :)

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