Non Scale Victories

non scale victoriesEver get frustrated by what the scale is saying?  I know I have.  You put in a lot of hard work, feel like you’re eating well, but the scale won’t budge.  I think that can be a fairly common occurrence, and unfortunately, it can be very discouraging and lead to people quitting their quest to get healthy and lose weight.  They think, well if I’m spending all this time and energy working out and cooking healthy foods why waste my time if I can’t even lose weight?  I can see why people think that, but hate for people to quit when they’re just getting started.  So I wanted to talk about some other measures that I think are more useful than just your weight and also some non scale victories that you can and should focus on that will keep your motivation high.

What Else To Monitor

In the long term, I do think weight is something you can monitor, especially if you are significantly overweight.  But it’s never the only thing to focus on, and often times right away you really should be looking at other indicators.  Things that I like to monitor are:

  • Body fat – Measuring your body fat is an awesome way to track your progress.  If you’re losing body fat but the scale isn’t moving, it means that you’re building muscle while losing fat.  That’s a good thing!
  • Inches lost – This is another way to basically measure your body fat in a way.  Taking measurements and seeing where you’re losing inches is always motivating I think.  If you’re losing inches, it means you’re losing fat.
  • Health metrics – Take note of your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.  I always hope that people have a goal to get healthy and one huge benefit of working out and eating right is that you can improve your health by lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
  • Generally how you feel – Are you feeling more energized?  Do you sleep better?  Exercise has been shown to even help fight depression.  Getting healthy will help you enjoy life more, and that’s not measured on a scale.

If you want to track your weight, that’s fine, but measure these other areas too!  These are all important things to consider, and when you’re seeing progress somewhere, it’s going to motivate you to keep going and stick with your routine.

Non Scale Victories to Focus On

There are many, many things that you can focus on and be proud of as you start or continue your journey to get healthy and fit.  I love hearing about what people are accomplishing and able to do because they’re feeling better and they’re in better shape.  It keeps them motivated and it motivates me too!  Some non scale victories  that you should consider are:

  • Completing workouts – I think it’s a huge accomplishment to get going and complete your workouts.  Whether it’s one workout, a full week, a whole month or a whole program.  It’s no small thing to do that, so it’s something to be very proud of!
  • Fitting in your clothes better – It’s always nice when your pants or shirts start fitting better!  That’s a great way to track your progress without necessarily busting out the measuring tape.
  • Other people noticing – When other people take notice and give you a compliment that can be really motivating.
  • Finishing a race – Whether it’s a 5K, 10K, Tough Mudder, etc. races can be great things to motivate you to train and to feel great about after you finish!
  • Cooking your meals – If you typically eat out but have been cooking meals, that’s a huge step in getting healthy!  So if you have been cooking healthy meals for yourself, it’s something to feel proud about!
  • Tracking what you ate – Tracking what you eat with myfitnesspal or another similar app/website will really help you get your eating under control.  So if you have a good streak of tracking your food, that’s awesome!
  • Motivating others – This is probably my favorite non scale victory!  When you start improving your health, often it will draw people around you to want to get healthy too!  It’s so fun when you start having those conversations and even get a chance to help those around you improve their health!

This is just my short list of non scale victories, there are plenty more.  But I just wanted to highlight some that I think you can focus on initially.  If you’re pressing play and focusing on fueling your body with healthy foods, you’re making progress.  If the scale isn’t moving, there could be a lot of reasons for that from not getting enough sleep to experiencing too much stress.  In the long-term yes, you want to be at a healthy weight, but when you get started, focus on these non scale victories to help keep yourself motivated!


  1. […] My success tip for the week falls in line with article I posted last week.  My tip is to set some non-scale goals when you’re getting started.  If you focus on the scale too much, it’s easy to get discouraged and quit.  It is just one of many measurements.  Plus it can take a while for the scale to move as your body adjusts to working out, so it could look like you’re not making much progress when in fact you really are.  So don’t strictly focus on the scale.  Pick other goals as well, that you know you can control and accomplish.  Something like saying that you’ll complete every workout this week, or you’ll cook 5 dinners this week.  Those are things that you know you can check off and will get you headed in the right direction.  For more ideas, go read my article about Non Scale Victories. […]

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