No Excuses!

One thing I absolutely can’t stand is an excuse.  I hear them all the time, too.  I will hear all sorts of different reasons for not working out, not following a diet plan, etc.

I am too busy to workout every day.”

I was too tired because I didn’t get enough sleep.”

I had to work late.”

I don’t know how to cook.”

I don’t know what to buy at the grocery store.”

I travel a lot so I can’t eat well or workout.”

Eating healthy costs too much.”

The list goes on and on.  But what I really hear is “I’m too lazy” or “I am not prepared”.  And that kills me!  People will complain about not seeing good results, but they’ll say that the meals in the nutrition guides are too hard to make or that they don’t have time to eat right.  Or they won’t really commit to doing a full program.  Or because they’re sore they’ll skip workouts.

But guess what, everyone has the same 24 hours every day.  Some people commit to sticking with their workouts and their nutrition no matter what, and those are the people who see awesome results.  There are others who will give in whenever something seems like an easy way out, and those are the people who struggle to change.

So if you’re in the group who brings it with their workouts and nutrition, way to go!  Keep up that hard work, you’re going to see awesome results.

If you’re in the group that likes to make every excuse in the book, then it’s time to really decide if you want to commit or not.  And when you do really commit, then quit making excuses, and do it no matter what.  Schedule an appointment with yourself to get your workout done.  Do it early in the morning before distractions can get in your way or throw you off track.  Don’t let yourself cancel that appointment!  And quit cheating on your meal plan.  Read your nutrition guide and stick to it!  If you don’t commit to the nutrition along with the workouts, you’re not going to see good results.

So do you want to be a success story that will inspire lots of other people to get in shape too?  Or do you want to keep making excuses and never really reach your goal?  It’s in your control to get your workout done, and nobody else is putting food in your mouth.  So take ownership of your health and quit making excuses!

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