New Year’s Resolutions

As 2012 starts there are a ton of people making new year’s resolutions.  They are finally going to tackle one of their goals.  And probably the most popular resolution or at least the first one that comes to mind is losing weight.  This makes a lot of sense, especially since most people have just packed on a few pounds from Thanksgiving feasts through their New Year’s celebration.  If you have ever been a frequent gym attendee you have most likely experienced the result of these resolutions.  The gym gets really crowded for about 3 weeks. Then it starts tapering off until it’s back to normal levels.  People lose their motivation, and by the end of the year, not much has changed.

But why do so many of those resolutions fail?  Why do people lose motivation and give up so quickly?  I think there are a few reasons.  First, most people do not set very specific goals.  Their goal will be vary vague, like to get back in shape, or to lose weight.  When they don’t know exactly what they want to do, they will easily get discouraged because they can’t really tell if they’re making any progress.  Second, they do not have a plan.  They’ll just go to the gym and do what other people are doing.  They also probably don’t have a nutrition plan to follow, so they eat the same junk they have been eating or will allow themselves a treat on their workout days because they “earned it”, and effectively eat all the calories back they burned during their workout.  Finally, I would say a big reason why resolutions fail is that people have no accountability and no team to support them.  It’s easy to give up or get lazy if you don’t have anyone checking in with you or pushing you to keep working.

All New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be like that, though!  It’s possible to stick with it and reach your goals, I certainly did in 2011.  Here are, in my opinion, a few key that will help you stick with your New Year’s resolution this year:

1) Take time to set some specific goals – Even before you set your goals, you need to figure out why you’re doing this.  Figuring out your “why” will make your goals important to you.  Read more about that here: YOUR WHY.  Then, when setting your goals this year, make sure they are specific, measureable, and realistic.  Instead of saying you just want to lose weight, say you want to lose 15 pounds by the end of February.  That way you can measure your progress and really know what you’re shooting for.  Also, when you’ve done that, write it down and tell someone!  It will make you much more motivated to stick to your goals.  Read more about setting SMART goals here: SMART GOALS.

2) Have a plan –  Beachbody makes this easy for you!  You don’t have to figure out which exercises to do which day because Beachbody workout programs figure that out for you.  You just have to pick the right program to meet your needs, which I can help you with.  Then all you have to do is push play and really bring your best effort.  Also, Beachbody programs come with nutrition plans, so you can figure out what you need to eat to reach your goals.  Nutrition is responsible for 80% of your results, so it is important to stick to your nutrition plan!  This is where many people get frustrated or don’t make any changes.  If you need help with this reach out to me.

3) Plug in with a team to give your support and motivation – Some days you just need some motivation.  Sometimes you just don’t feel too energized to bring it with your workout.  That’s where being on a team with other people will really help you out!  If you need a boost, our team can really give that to you.  I personally respond to all questions/messages from everyone on the team, but our Facebook group is also a great place for members to push each other and motivate each other.  They can also hold you accountable to reaching your goals and will genuinely care about your success.  Our Challenge Group coming up will be a great way to get this motivation, and there is still time to join, so let me know if you want in.  And don’t worry, I’ll be doing more Challenge Groups in the future if you’re not quite ready.

So let this year be different.  Don’t go wasting your money on a gym membership that you’re not going to use.  Figure out why you want to change, set SMART goals, choose a workout and nutrition plan, and then plug in with our team to make sure you follow through!  If you follow those steps 2012 will be a much different year for you!

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