New Tab – Success Stories

From time to time I like to feature people who have really knocked it out of the park and had great success reaching their goals.  I know it’s really motivating for me to see other people who have really worked hard and have had a lot of success.  Plus, I know those people are proud of what they’ve accomplished (and they should be!) and often times want to motivate others too.  It shows what normal people can accomplish when they stay focused and commit to their workout and nutrition.

So I wanted to add a feature that makes it really easy to see who has really been doing well!  I added a new category called “Success Stories”:

success stories pic

So go check that out and see who’s been crushing it!  When you’re not feeling the motivation, go there and see what other people have accomplished.  We’re all ordinary people, just following the program as it’s laid out.

If you’ve had some sweet results I’d love to feature you here too!  Just comment below or shoot me an email at and I can feature you here and show everyone how hard you’ve been working!

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