New Insanity Workouts

In case you didn’t see it yet, I wanted to post about some new Insanity workouts that Beachbody just released. ¬†If you love Insanity, here are a couple workouts you might enjoy ūüôā ¬†They can be mixed in with the regular Insanity schedule or you can use them to help prepare yourself for the craziness that is Insanity. ¬†I really think these new Insanity workouts sound like a great addition to the program.

New Insanity Workouts – Fast & Furious Abs

new Insanity workoutsnew Insanity workoutsIf you’re looking for an awesome Ab routine, one of the new Insanity workouts will fit the bill. ¬†It’s called Fast & Furious Abs. ¬†It’s a 45 minute ab workout packed down into just 15 minutes. ¬†So it’s a killer! ¬†Shaun T saw a lot of success with his previous Fast & Furious DVD so he decided to create another and this is what he came up with. ¬†If you want a great core routine this is it!

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New Insanity Workouts – Sanity Check

This new Insanity workout will actually be great for people who want something a little less intense. ¬†This can serve as a great workout to help prepare you or Insanity or to mix in with the regular Insanity schedule when you need a little break from the all out craziness of Insanity. ¬†I think this was a great move, because Insanity is super intense and it would be nice to still get a good workout in but bring the intensity down a notch. ¬†It also shows you the moves you’ll do in Insanity, so this new insanity workout is a great way to make sure you’re ready to go!

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Why I’m Excited About These New Insanity Workouts

I’m excited about these new Insanity workouts because I think they will bring some variety to the program and will also help ease you in. ¬†Sometimes jumping right into the Insanity schedule is a bit much. ¬†If it’s a daunting task for you, start with Sanity Check and get yourself prepared physically and mentally to take on the entire program. ¬†And as you get going, you might want some variety with your ab workout, so the Fast & Furious Abs is a great way to do that. ¬†For any Insanity lover, these new Insanity workouts make a great addition!

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