New Greenberry Shakeology

Recently Beachbody made a big announcement about the new Greenberry Shakeology.  In case you missed it, they reformulated that flavor, adding some more super-foods and making it sweeter.  In the past Greenberry has been the black sheep of all Shakeology flavors, but Carl Daikeler and the team wanted to change that.  I think it was an awesome idea since most people would say that they did not like the flavor.  I know I was in the small minority that did like it, but I’m still excited to try the new Greenberry Shakeology.

New Greenberry Shakeology – Why Change?

new greenberry shakeology pic 2

I think the ‘why’ behind the new Greenberry Shakeology change is pretty obvious.  A majority of people did not like the flavor.  And before the Tropical Strawberry came out, if you weren’t a chocolate fan you didn’t really have an option.  I know, for some it’s hard to believe that there are people that don’t like chocolate, but it’s true, they do exist.  So for the people who wanted a green shake, but wanted to taste more of the berry and less of the wheat grass, this is what they came up with.

To determine which new Greenberry Shakeology flavor to go with, they decided to do a taste test panel.  They sent out samples to coaches and customers to try and the response was extremely positive.  4 out of 5 people who regularly drank Greenberry said they preferred the new version.  And 3 out of 5 people who didn’t normally drink Greenberry said they liked it enough to add it to their rotation.  I think that says a lot!

I really like that Beachbody does a taste test panel and asks their actual coaches and customers to weigh in because that’s who they’re trying to serve.  I think it speaks volumes about the company that they do truly care about our opinion.

What Changed in the New Greenberry Shakeology

new greenberry shakeology picSo the natural question is, “what changed in the new Greenberry Shakeology?”  For that I went to Carl Daikeler’s blog, since he posted the details.  What they did was add more superfoods and make it sweeter.  The accomplished this by:

  • Adding the superfoods Lou Han Guo, Moringa and Himalayan Salt.
  • Adding pea protein and more super-greens.
  • Adding fiber and protein, while cutting sugar and carbs.

So you can see that not only did they make the flavor sweeter and better, but they also did a great job of improving the nutritional profile.  They made an incredibly healthy shake a little healthier and added those amazing superfoods.

Trying the New Greenberry Shakeology

I know many people will want to try the new Greenberry Shakeology flavor before buying it, so you do have a couple options.

The first would be to order a month’s supply of the new Greenberry Shakeology.  I know, this isn’t trying before buying, but you can always take advantage of Beachbody’s 30 day money back guarantee.  If you really don’t like it, then send it back within the first 30 days for a full refund, even if the bag is empty.  They stand behind their products and are confident you will like them, so that’s a great offer.


The second ways is buy ordering a Trial Pack through me.  I just recently started offering them and think it’s a great deal.  Not only does it let you try out the new flavor, but you get to try it for a whole week.  Sometimes just one day doesn’t give you a great idea if you like it or not.  And this way you can try different recipes too.


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