You can’t keep it up” – “You’ll quit eventually” – “You’re obsessed” – “Why are you doing  that?” – “Why are you eating like that?” – “That’s not going to work

We’ve all heard someone say this to us.  And if you haven’t, it will happen eventually!  It seems like everyone I’ve talked to that is committed to getting in shape has someone they know well and care about that will try to talk them out of it or question what they are doing.  For some reason they think that you can’t follow the P90X routine, working out an hour a day is too much.  Or they think that there’s no way you can stick to your nutrition plan and you’ll eventually go back to your bad eating habits.  They say you’re too obsessed and you’re ridiculous for trying this out.  I personally think this stinks!  I really can’t comprehend why other people try to discourage us from being healthy and getting in shape, but it happens all the time!  There’s no reason that the people we care about shouldn’t be supportive of our efforts.

But when this happens, there’s really two ways you can react.  One option is to really get discouraged and believe what they’re saying.  It will make you think you can’t really do it and you’ll end up quitting and not reaching your goals.  I truly hope this is not how you react!!  The other option is to use it as motivation.  That’s how I love to handle situations like these.  When someone tells me that there’s no way I can keep it up, it just fuels my drive to keep going!!  It strengthens my commitment to keep pushing play and reach my goals!  I really want to prove them wrong!!  So when this happens to you, which it will, I want to encourage you to let the negative comments fuel your drive and give you motivation!

If you are facing this and it’s getting you down, I want you to find someone that has your back and can lift your spirits.  If you don’t have someone like that shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment and I will be that person for you!  That’s one of the main reasons I became a coach.  I’m passionate about helping others reach their goals and being a source of positive encouragement!!  The workouts and nutrition are hard enough as it is, we really don’t need to struggle with getting discouraged from other people on top of that!  So stay plugged in here and know that you CAN stick with it, and when you do you WILL reach your goals!!

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