My P90X2 Plan

I will be starting my P90X2 journey this coming Monday, which I am very excited about!  I have been waiting for this for a few months now, and the fact that I have the program but haven’t started yet it just about killing me!  For those of you starting this out with us in our Challenge group, I just wanted to let you know how I am going to approach the program.

If you’ve read through the P90X2 fitness guide you’ve already found out that it is a little different than P90X or other Beachbody workout programs.  This fitness guide gives you more flexibility and doesn’t give you a schedule that is set in stone.  At first this can seem slightly intimidating and confusing.  What is the optimal workout schedule?  Should I take a recovery week after each phase?  It’s not a 3 week phase then a recovery week type of schedule anymore.  But this is a good thing!  The reason it’s structured like this is to give you flexibility and allow you to work on the areas you want to improve the most.

There are still 3 phases, Foundation, Strength and Performance, and also a Recovery Week schedule.  The difference is that each phase can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks and the recovery week can be done whenever you need it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full week.  They are assuming that if you’re taking on P90X2, you know how to listen to your body for when it needs rest, and also that you know what areas you really want to improve in.  That way you can tailor the program to your needs and get the most out of the workouts.  This is a really unique approach and personally I love it!  You’ll also notice that there is less traditional “cardio” in the program and you’re only working out 5 days a week instead of 6.  The idea is that the workouts you will be doing are going to be harder, so your body needs more recovery.  And the 2 days you have off are meant to be active recovery days, so go out and do something with your fit and healthy body, don’t just sit on the couch!

With P90X2, my goal is to get stronger, so I’m going to focus more on Phase 2, so my schedule will look like this:

Phase 1 – Foundation – 4 Weeks

Monday– X2 Core
Tuesday– Plyocide
Wednesday-X2 Recovery + Mobility
Thursday– X2 Total Body & ARX2
Friday– X2 Yoga
Saturday– X2 Balance + Power
Sunday– Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility if I feel like my body needs it

Phase 2 – Strength – 5 weeks

Monday– Chest + Back + Balance & ARX2 (1st 3 weeks) – V Sculpt & ARX2 (last 2 weeks)
Tuesday– Plyocide
Wednesday– X2 Recovery + Mobility
Thursday– X2 Shoulders + Arms & ARX2 (1st 3 weeks) – X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tris & ARX2 (last 2 weeks)
Friday– X2 Yoga
Saturday– Base + Back & ARX2
Sunday– Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility if I feel like my body needs it

Recovery Week – 1 week

Alternate X2 Recovery + Mobility and X2 Yoga

Phase 3 – Performance – 3 weeks

Monday– P.A.P. Lower
Tuesday– P.A.P. Upper
Wednesday– X2 Yoga
Thursday– X2 Recovery + Mobility
Friday– P.A.P. Lower
Saturday– P.A.P. Upper
Sunday– Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility if I feel like my body needs it

So there you have it, that’s my plan of attack for P90X2.  Feel free to join me if you’re looking to focus on strength, or modify it if you want to focus more on performance or if you need more work on your foundation.  The beauty of this workout is that you get to tailor it to what you need to work on!  If you want to learn more about P90X2 check that out here: P90X2 INFO

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