My P90X Review

In my opinion, out of all the programs that Beachbody puts out there, P90X is the best all-around program.  I really love P90X!!  I’m just about to finish my first round and it has helped me lost my last 10 lbs. to get to my goal weight of 190 lbs.  I already lost 17 lbs. doing Insanity before starting P90X, so this has been a chance for me to build some muscle mass and lose that last bit of weight.  I knew right away that this program was going to work because after my first workout I could barely raise my arms because I was so sore!  Talk about muscle confusion!!!

The reason I think it’s the best all-around program is that it incorporates intense lifting days with some pretty good cardio days as well.  If you’re looking to develop some muscle as well as lose fat then I would say this is the program for you.  The workouts are a bit longer, with most of them being around an hour, but it still beats going to the gym by a long shot!

Also, when you order P90X from Beachbody, you get the P90X nutrition guide.   It helps you figure out your calorie targets and has great recipes that taste good and will help you maximize your results.  This is a critical piece to the program!  This is why I think P90X really stands out from other at-home workout DVD’s.  Sure you can get a good workout with another DVD, but if your diet is not inline with your workouts you aren’t going to see the results.  So if you’re really looking to make a great transformation, I would highly recommend giving P90X a try because it has worked great for me!  Go here to learn more.



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