My P90X Results

So far, P90X is my favorite program because it’s got great cardio and great lifting routines all in one program.  Plus the diet guide is very robust and super helpful!  These are my (almost) 90 day results.  I had to cut it 2 weeks short because I’m involved in the Insanity: Asylum challenge that’s going on right now.  It started May 1st, so I decided to cut my round of P90X short, but I’m still super happy with my results.  Here are some pictures:

































On day 1 I weighed 200 lbs. with 11.6% body fat and on day (almost) 90 I weigh 190 lbs. with 7% body fat.  I’ve also noticed a huge difference in how my clothes fit which feels great!  I figured I had lost a few inches, but was surprised to find out I lost a total of 11 inches off my chest, waist, hips and thighs!!  That’s one of the things that gets me really motivated.  I love actually fitting in my clothes much better!  So if you’re wondering if P90X can really work, I say yes!  You need to push play every day and bring it just as hard with your nutrition as you do with the workouts!  Following the nutrition plan and adding Shakeology into my diet was really the key to getting these results!


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