Motivating Goals

Over this past Thanksgiving, one thing that was really cool was that my whole family decided to do a 5K together.  We did the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K, with 14,000 other people here in MN.  It was an awesome way to start the day that is usually only filled with eating a massive amount of food and sitting around watching football.  It felt great to get active right away in the morning and do something better for our health.  It was also pretty cool that so many people joined, plus some people had costumes on, I remember a couple dressed up as pilgrims running with their dog in a turkey costume, that was pretty funny.

Doing this 5K got me thinking about something though.  It actually seemed like a great way to help Rochelle stick with her workouts in the weeks coming up to the race.  We talked about it a bit before and after the race.   The 5K really was a huge motivating factor in her pushing play.  I had a similar conversation over the weekend with one of Rochelle’s aunts (who is an awesome member of our team!) about the triathlons that she does.  To me it sounded like signing up for those races and having that goal was really motivating to keep working out because she wanted to be ready for the race and to do well.

So if you’re struggling with motivation, maybe signing up for a race or competition of some sort is what you need to get yourself in gear.  If you know you have a 5K or a 10K to run in a couple months that could just light your fire to train hard and make sure you don’t struggle on the day of the race.  I know there are a ton of 5K’s that go on in Minneapolis.  There are other great races too, and more seem to keep popping up every year.  You can do a Monster Dash, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, etc.  I even heard of a Zombie Walk in Minneapolis for you zombie enthusiasts out there.

No matter what the race is, if you’re struggling with motivation I want to encourage you to sign up for one!  It might just be the thing you need to keep yourself on track!



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