Military Benefits

I’ve had this post in my drafts for a while, and being that it’s Veteran’s Day, I thought this was the perfect time to post it.  To all you veterans and active military out there, I really appreciate what you do for our country, so thank you!

Beachbody as a company also appreciates what our military does for us, and to show their appreciation for those who are currently serving our country, they do have one really cool benefit.  To show their appreciation to our active military, Beachbody is waiving the initial fee to become a coach and also the monthly coaching dues.  So active military personnel can be a Beachbody coach for free!

So if you’re active military, or a spouse of someone who’s actively serving right now, and you use Beachbody programs and supplements, it’s a no-brainer to sign up because you get the 25% discount for free.  Plus, if you want to turn it into a business, there’s no cost to do that.  Pretty cool!

If you’re unfamiliar with Beachbody coaching check out these two articles, an intro to Beachbody coaching HERE and some more details about Beachbody coaching HERE.

To sign up as a coach on our team, follow this link and let me know if you’re active military first because there are a couple extra steps for you!

This is Beachbody’s way of saying THANK YOU to our active military who are serving our country every day.  I’m proud to work for a company that does what they can to honor our military!

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