Metabolic Damage

Metabolic damage is a term that I recently became aware of, but have definitely thought about before.  When it comes to your metabolism, most people want to speed it up if they’re trying to lose weight or shed fat.  But do some of the things people do to lose weight actually end up hurting their metabolism and really slow it down?  It sounds like that’s the case.  I’m not an expert on metabolic damage, but one guy that I really trust is Layne Norton.  He’s a natural pro body builder and also holds a PhD in protein synthesis and really digs into the science behind body building.

Layne has an awesome series of videos on YouTube called the BioLayne Video Logs, and he did one on the topic of metabolic damage.  I’ll post it here, as he can explain it much better than I can!



  1. […] I posted some new stuff on the website the past couple weeks.  The video from Layne Norton on Metabolic Damage is really interesting I think.  It’s a great way to explain what crash diets do to your […]

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