Low Impact Workout Programs

I know most of my experience is with the more intense workouts from Beachbody.  I’ve done Insanity, P90X, Asylum and now P90X2.  But for some people, especially those with bad knees or bad backs, those workouts are not a good fit.  Some people really need a low impact workout program.  Something that doesn’t involve a ton of jumping or push ups, etc.  Sure you can modify those other workouts, but you might just want something entirely different.  And if that’s you, Beachbody has a couple great options that can help you get in shape but won’t cause any knee or back pain if you deal with those chronic problems.

Tai Cheng This is a fairly new low impact workout program from Beachbody.  It’s not just designed for people with knee or back problems, it’s really geared towards anyone and everyone.  The idea is to build a strong base and strengthen your core along with healing your body from possible damage done from other workouts.  Again, it’s not your typical workout like P90X or Insanity, but I’ve read several reviews of people saying they’ve felt stronger and really rejuvenated after completing Tai Cheng.  I have not done this myself but it sounds like a really good option to do between rounds of more intense workouts, especially if you have some nagging injuries.

Body Gospel This workout is geared towards those of faith and somewhat of an older generation.  Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people in their 60’s who can still bring it with P90X, but for people in that generation who aren’t in very good shape or have really bad chronic knee or back problems, Body Gospel can be a great option to get moving without hurting themselves.  It has more of a group fitness class feel where you’re moving and dancing to the music they play.  If you’re looking for a good low impact workout program and still want to get a good workout in you should check this out.



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