Losing Motivation to Workout?

It’s almost the end of January, so I thought this was a timely post.  New Year’s resolutions are 30 days old now, and for many people who have resolved to get in better shape, they are losing motivation to workout.  It sounded nice at the beginning of the year and they had big plans, but for some reason the drive to eat healthy and exercise just isn’t there anymore.  Life has gotten busy and they’re back to old habits.  Does that sound like you?

When I used to workout at the gym it was almost like clockwork how people stopped coming.  By February it was mostly back to the people who had already been regularly coming and working out.  It’s very common when people are doing P90X too.  For some reason, getting past the first phase is very hard for people.  It’s actually so common that I wrote an article called P30X, which you can read here.

So why does this happen?  Why do people lose motivation to workout and get in shape?  I’m sure there are quite a few reasons, but I do see two that stick out like a sore thumb to me:

1)  They have forgotten their “why” for working out and getting healthy.  Your “why” for getting in shape has to be compelling and has to really mean something to you.  It must be specific and you must revisit it often.  Without knowing the purpose for working out 5-6 days a week and eating healthy instead of sleeping in more and eating fast food, you’re going to revert to those bad habits and you won’t see any change.  Your “why” should be your drive and should give you a goal to reach.  But people often forget their “why” or never even figure it out in the first place.  So if you’re at the point where you’ve lost your motivation, go back and think about why you decided you want to make a change and re-commit to seeing the change through.

2) They have no support or accountability.  This is another huge reason why people lose their motivation to get in shape.  For one, they probably don’t know exactly what to do when it comes to working out and eating right.  For many people a healthy lifestyle is a really big change and it can be confusing to figure it out.  So if they don’t really have a plan, they can get very frustrated when they don’t really see any results after a month.  They also don’t have anyone to check in with and that can hold them accountable.  So if they fall off track, there is no one to help them get back in gear.

Reason number 2 is a huge reason why I became a Beachbody Coach.  I knew that people are often much more successful if they have a team working together than when they don’t, so I want to provide that type of support for anyone looking to turn their health around.  Losing motivation to workout is extremely common, so if you’re in that situation please reach out to me!  I can help you figure out your “why” and I will answer the questions that come up and provide that level of accountability that will help make you successful.  If you’re not already on our team, check out how you can get involved on the JOIN OUR TEAM tab.



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