Logging Exercise in MFP

logging exercise in mfpIf you know me you know how great I think myfitnesspal is.  It’s a great website/app that I think is super useful.  Logging your food has really never been easier.  The database of foods they have is amazing, and there’s even a bar-code scanner that will pull in all the nutritional information of something you’re eating if it has a bar-code.  But what about logging exercise in MFP?  You have the ability to do that, but should you?

Why You Should NOT Log Your Exercise in MFP

Theoretically, logging your exercise in MFP could be a good idea.  If using MFP was the only thing you were doing to get healthy then I probably would recommend adding your exercise there.  The idea is that when you exercise, you burn more calories and therefore need to eat more during the day.  So if you log a workout, it will increase the calories you have left for that day.  It makes total sense, and like I said, if all you’re doing is using MFP, then go ahead and log your exercise.

But for those of you doing a Beachbody program, I would strongly encourage you to NOT log your exercise in MFP.  Why is it different for you?  Well the main reason is the nutrition guides that come with programs like P90X.  They all include a calculation to help you understand how many calories you need.  As part of that calculation, you add in calories for your workout.  So you’re taking the calories you burn during your workout into consideration when you’re setting a calorie goal.

That’s why I suggest never logging your exercise in MFP.  If you did, you would be double counting the calories you burn during your workout and therefore eating too much.  I understand it can be kind of fun to track your exercise too, but you don’t want it throwing your nutrition off and hurting your ability to lose weight of body fat.  Plus it can be hard to figure out what exactly to log Insanity as because everyone’s calorie burn will be a little different.

Logging Exercise in MFP – How I Log

So instead of logging exercise in MFP, I think there are other options out there.  Personally, I log my workouts in WOWY, Team Beachbody’s online super gym.  It’s a cool way for me to keep track of what I’ve done and be able to look back on all the workouts I’ve completed.  When I get a new program I also like to use the calendar that comes with it to mark off my completed workouts.  So instead of logging exercise in MFP, those are two good options that can still provide some motivation without ruining your nutrition every day!

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