Live w/ Shaun T

I always look to see if Beachbody events are coming to MN, but it never seems like they do!  But then a few days ago I saw that Shaun T would be coming to Minneapolis this week!  He had a 8 hour instructor certification class and also a 1 hour workout, which is what I signed up for.  I have to say I was incredibly nervous!  I’ve done Insanity and Asylum, but I figured his live workouts could probably be a bit harder!

I checked in early, which was good, because it looked like we had about 150 in the class.  Before the workout I met a few cool people which was fun, because we got to motivate each other and do some group exercises towards the end of the workout.  And let me tell you, the workout was absolutely crazy!  Definitely harder than any Insanity or Asylum workout I’ve done!  He incorporates pretty much a lot of the hardest moves from both Insanity and Asylum into one ridiculous workout.  There was one point where he had all 150 of us bear-crawling around the gym in different directions which was pretty fun but super tough.  The group atmosphere is really helpful though.  With the loud music he blasts and everyone around you pushing themselves, it makes it a little easier to stick with it.  And when we thought we were done, we had 3 minutes of holding a squat and 1 minute of sprinting in our “4×400” race in our teams.  I ended up being the 4th person to go, and needless to say my legs were burning!  That is probably the sweatiest I have ever been (a few people commented on that) but it was totally worth it.

It was really neat to meet Shaun T himself too.  After the workout he took pictures with anyone that wanted to and we got to talk to him for just a little bit.  He seems like an incredibly genuine guy which is awesome.  After watching him on a screen for about a year it was really cool to finally meet him in person!  It also surprised me, but we are about the same height.  For some reason I expected him to be taller.

If you get a chance to go to an event like this, whether it’s Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, etc. you should really do it!  It’s awesome to see so many other people around you who care about their health, and it definitely helps you get through the workout!  It’s definitely a lot of fun, so check one out if you get the chance!

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