Listen To Your Body!

listen to your bodyAs I’ve learned more about how your body operates and how my body responds to different foods, workouts, etc I’ve found that your body can really tell you quite a bit if you’re listening.  I think naturally our bodies crave healthy, nutritious foods.  Your body wants to be at a healthy weight.  When those things aren’t in order your body is going go let you know!

Think about it.  How did you feel after the last time you gorged yourself on a huge buffet meal?  How are your energy levels after you eat a bunch of crap from Taco Bell or McDonald’s?  Or how did you feel the last time you just lounged around the house all day?  I’m guessing that in all of those situations you didn’t feel so great.  You probably felt sluggish and worn down.  You were probably pretty uncomfortable for the rest of the day, or if it was a late night binge you probably woke up feeling pretty crummy.  That’s your body’s way of telling you not to do that!  You don’t feel good because that’s not what your body wants and needs to perform at its best.

Now I know some people do get urges for sweets or something salty.  I’ll admit, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, too.  And that can be caused by years of eating poorly.  You can become addicted to food, I know that’s real.  So when I say listen to your body I don’t mean listen to the cravings for the unhealthy stuff, I mean listen to what your body is telling you after you eat it!  If what you ate makes you feel really sluggish or uncomfortable, that’s a great sign that you shouldn’t be eating it.

Your body really does crave nutrients, but when you’re eating food that doesn’t have many, your body is going to tell you to keep eating because you haven’t filled the nutritional requirements.  Think about the last time you opened a bag of chips.  Was it hard to stop eating?  I would guess it was, and you probably ate more than you intended.  That’s because you’re not really satisfying what your body wants.  In contrast to that, when you healthy, nutritious food your body signals that you’re full earlier.  You are feeding the body what it needs to function properly so you don’t have to eat as much and will stay full and satisfied longer.  That’s why Shakeology, even though it’s just a shake, can keep you feeling full so long.  It’s packed with all the nutrients, minerals, probiotics, etc that your body craves.  Satisfying those needs of your body will help you feel full longer and reduce other food cravings.

The same goes for exercising and being at a healthy weight.  Your body was made to move and be used.  When you don’t exercise at all and get overweight, you start having health problems.  Many overweight people have back, knee and foot pain.  That’s a clear sign that you’re putting more pressure on those areas than your body is built for because you’re carrying extra weight.  That’s just one physical sign that you can feel.  There are a whole host of other health problems associated with obesity as well.  I won’t go into detail here, but the bottom line is that when you’re not at a healthy weight, your body really tells you.

Your body is a pretty amazing creation and you only get one.  If you’re listening, you can really learn a lot.  So as you go about your day or week, really take time and analyze how you feel after you eat certain foods or after you exercise.  When you listen to your body, bit becomes obvious what foods it does and does not like.  Like I said, you only get one body, so pay attention and give it what it needs!

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