Les Mills Pump

Les Mills Pump is a new Beachbody workout program coming out sometime later this month which sounds like an awesome program!  This might be familiar to some of you, as there have been Body Pump workouts being offered at local gyms for quite some time.  And now, it will be offered through Beachbody so you can do it in your own living room!

Les Mills Pump is a resitance workout that is based on a very high rep count program.  For many of the moves you use a barbell with weights and do very high reps.  This type of exercise burns a ton of calories and will be a great option for people looking to get toned and drop some weight.

Personally, since P90X2 just came out, I will be starting that right at the first of the year, so I won’t be doing Les Mills Pump right away.  But for those of you who aren’t quite ready for P90X2 or are new to Beachbody programs, this could be a perfect fit for you!  Here’s a preview video of what you can expect:

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