Kim Gets Insane!

Kim has been an awesome, very motivating member of Team New Body and recently finished up a round of Insanity.  You’ll ready from here story that she has found a very compelling “why” that keeps her motivated and on track to accomplish her goals.  She is also in the military and even when she’s deployed working extremely busy days, she doesn’t let that get in the way of  getting her workout in.  Thanks for you service, Kim, and for sharing your awesome results with our team!  Through this round of Insanity, Kim lost 18 lbs. and a total of 19-3/4 inches!  Those are some serious results!  Here are her before/after pictures (what a difference!) and her story in her own words.  Keep up the awesome work Kim!!

I am in the United States Military. Height and Weight is a big deal. I never realized how unhealthy I was until I looked a picture of myself after I had my son in 2008. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2006. I always used the excuse of my condition of how I could not loose weight. In 2010, I found out that my parents have the same condition that I have. They are over weight and have so many health problems. I have two beautiful children and I don’t want to set the example that not being fit is a good thing. So this is when I decided to order the Insanity Program. 90 days ago, I did not have much motivation to get my act together and become a healthier and better me. During those crucial  90 days, I have gained so much motivation. Not for myself, but for my family. I WILL be one of those parents who interact with their children on a active basis. I want my children to grow up, knowing that working out and being active is a good thing. No more laying around watching movies and playing video games. We are now active. Every time My husband and I work out, my children want to join. They are ages 8 and 4. My 8 year old loved doing the Insanity program with me. (She only did the warm up, but she is 8) I completed the first month of Insanity during my lunch break. I had my soldiers with me, to help motivate me as well as themselves. During the Recovery Week and 3 ½ weeks of the second month I was deployed to Louisiana for training. My hours were long, but I still found the time to push play. Out there, there were no scales, or big enough mirrors to evaluate the progress I had. I still gave 100% each work out. I am not going to lie. There were days where I had no motivation at all, but I looked at my before pictures and my family, and remembered why I decided to start this journey. At this time, I was unable to follow the nutrition plan. When you are in the Army, you eat what they give you. However, I made the best of what choices I had. I am 100% positive that If I was able to stick to the diet plan I would have seen better results that I have gained so far. I injured my left knee during while I was deployed. I will soon find out the results of my MRI later this week. I am hoping that nothing serious is wrong. If there is nothing serious going on I will start the hybrid program. I have never had so much motivation like I do now. Even though my results are not where I would like them to be, I am still very proud of where I started and where I have ended within this 90 day program. Working out has become a daily routine for me and I will NEVER QUIT!!!


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