Just Do It!

just do itWhile I do love Nike shoes and workout clothes, I’m not really writing this to promote that brand.  I’m writing to address some common excuses that I hear as to why people can’t get their workout in or stick to their nutrition.  And guess what, I have the magic solution to all of them…JUST DO IT!

Workout Excuses

There are all kinds of excuses as to why people don’t get their workout in:

-I don’t have enough time

-I don’t like (insert a particular workout here)

-I’m too tired

-I’m not seeing the results I want

-I’m sore from my other workouts

-I don’t feel like it

And this list goes on and on.  But when you look at those excuses, you realize that what you’re actually saying is that you’re not making your workout a priority.  Do I particularly love getting up at 5 AM to workout?  No, not really, but I just do it because I know that’s the best time to get it in.  I have no distractions, nothing interrupting me or getting in the way and I get my workout done.  I don’t make excuses, I just get up and do it.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and you’re no different.  So why do some people see success and others give up?  Because the successful people just decide they’re not going to let anything stop them.  Don’t even think about giving yourself the option to workout or not.  Don’t think that you’ll see how you feel and then figure out if you’ll workout.  Don’t try to push off your workout for later in the day and hope it happens.  Make it happen and get it done early.  Don’t think about your excuses, just do it!

Nutrition Excuses

Sure there are workout excuses, and plenty of them, but I would say the nutrition excuses can almost be worse.  Or on the other hand people will just lie to themselves and give themselves reasons why they don’t have to follow their nutrition plan or track what they eat. Some common ones are:

-I don’t know what to eat

-I don’t have time to make healthy food (time always seems to be the issue)

-My family doesn’t eat healthy

-I don’t want to make my lunch

-I worked out, so I can splurge a little today, I earned it

-Tracking what I eat is too cumbersome

-Everyone around me eats really bad food

Again, that’s just a small sample of the excuses I hear.  People will also tell me they “eat healthy” but aren’t following the nutrition guide.  And then they wonder why they’re not getting the results they want.  It’s because you’re not following the nutrition guide!  I have never met a person who has stuck to their workouts, followed their nutrition guide and actually tracked what they ate and not get great results.  If you’d rather have results than excuses, than just do it, and follow your nutrition guide, tracking everything you eat.  Don’t let other people’s bad food choices affect you.  The only person in control of putting food in your mouth is you.  No one is going to force feed you, so don’t let them get in the way of your success.

Just Do It And See The Results

You can make excuses all day long, but in the end where does that get you?  Don’t you have goals you want to reach?  Aren’t you sick of being unhealthy and out of shape?  I wasn’t perfect.  It took me some time to figure this out, but when I realized that I had to stop making excuses and just do my workouts and follow my nutrition guide, I started to see the results I wanted.  So if you’ve been making excuses lately, it’s time to change things.  Have the attitude that you’re just going to do it and don’t let anything stop you.  When you have that mindset it’s amazing what you can accomplish.



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