John’s AWESOME Insanity Results

John is a member of Team New Body and has absolutely blown his first round of Insanity out of the water.  He has to have one of the best 60 day transformations that I’ve seen out there.  He probably had a college experience like many out there, where poor nutrition choices led to some weight gain.  But he decided to turn things around and he truly committed to the program and it paid off big time.  In just his first round he dropped 35 lbs and 6 inches off his waist!  He’s much healthier and people are really taking notice.  How could they not?  Congrats John on your amazing results!  Feel free to comment and congratulate him too on his hard work!

insanity results

Here’s John’s story in his own words:

For most college students, your looks are such an important part of being social because that’s when you meet more people than you ever have before and who doesn’t want to be at their best? I started off college in great shape and was athletic.  I played sports throughout my life and honestly it never occurred to me that I could get out of shape.

I thought to myself that I didn’t have anything to worry about. I could eat, drink, do anything that I wanted because I was away from home.  And that’s what I did and it was a great time and all, but all the beer and pizza was slowly creeping in on my midsection. When I started growing in jean size, I thought, “Hey, everyone gains a few pounds in college.  No big deal.” Well, that thought ran threw my mind every time I ripped a pair of pants.  I ballooned up to 230 at the end of college (from 190 in high school).  And the thing is, I had so many different moments where I knew I should have been like, “Yeah, it’s about time to start turning this whole thing around…”, what with the growing pant size, going from large to XL shirts and having to buy a whole new black suit.

Not to mention all the comments people had.  I used to joke around with my friends and acknowledge how big I had gotten just to make myself not feel like a loser.  I wanted the chance to make fun of myself instead of someone else doing it.  But on the inside, I hated it. My girlfriend would try to get me to walk with her and I would just grunt or make some excuse not to. She’s really the one who helped me jump start this whole process. And when I realized how bad it was I had to do something. At first I tried just jogging around the block a few times.  Yeah, that didn’t last long at all.  I would get shin splints and was just embarrassed more than anything to be outside because I had gotten so out of shape.  I tried calling an old coach to set me up with a workout program and I did it for a week before I quit because I had to drive 25 minutes to a gym that was crowded all the time.  Which isn’t the place I wanted to start over at the time.

So, there I was, giving up again.  I think the one thing that really told me that I wanted to lose weight and that got me to commit was when I only fit into size 40 pants.  I thought there is no way someone my age should be wearing 40’s.  I told myself that’s unacceptable.  I did some research and decided that Insanity was right for me for multiple reasons: 1) I could do it at home where no one can see me, 2) You didn’t have to buy any equipment, because do you think someone like me could have afforded a whole new set of dumbbells/weights/benches?, and 3) I thought that cardio was the number 1 thing I needed.

I wanted to get the fat down first.  So when it came in the mail, I was ready to start and told myself to not give up on this.  It’s really idiot proof.  You do it at home.  That’s it. The nutrition part was tough because it wasn’t anything I had been used to but I found several things I could make that were simple and stuck to it. I knew I had to commit to that fully (although I had some cheat meals, I won’t lie).  At the end of the very first week, I weighed myself even though everyone tells you not to and I had lost 7 lbs.  I was like wha??? So from then on I knew it worked for me and that’s what made me stick to it.

Shaun T is a great motivator and is positive.  Then month 2 came.  It’s a whole new ball game, but nothing that you can’t handle if you know your limits.  But now that I’m done, I wish I had taken more pictures and measurements because I only have the front view of the before and after but anyway I started at 230 and I’m now down to 195.  I went from a size 40 waist back down to a 34.   That was awesome, buying new jeans that actually were 6 inches smaller than when I started out. I’m finding clothes in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear in years. But my confidence is up and I have more energy and now there is no way I’m letting myself get back to the way I was. Because its much better to hear people say, “Man, you USED to be fat…”


Again, congratulations John on your amazing Insanity results, keep up the hard work!!

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