Jason Turns Things Around

Jason is probably like many lawyers out there, spending lots of time studying in law school and at the office working long days.  Add to that being a new dad and he just wasn’t taking time to make his health a priority.  After spending thousands on the gym with no results, Jason did his research and decided to give P90X.  He committed to doing the workouts at nice, and saw some great results.  Again, here is another example of someone not letting excuses get in the way.  Way to go Jason!


Jason has had some amazing results.  You can check out more about Jason at his site: http://www.crunchtimefitness.com/

Here is Jason’s story in his own words:

Jason’s Story

“At age 39, I was a very happy guy.  I had a great marriage, fulfilling legal career and my baby girl just turned 1!  Life was good…right?

But a sedentary lifestyle and bad nutrition had taken its toll on my body and health.  I was overweight, largely due to law school and another ten years working long hours in an office setting.  Like a lot of guys my age, my mid-section grew and made me look like the “The Michelin Man” – except that I was not in the business of selling spare tires.  I also lacked energy and suffered from low back pain that could never be cured by chiropractors or physical therapy prescribed by doctors.  I had always been a casual exerciser, but never seemed to make any progress – mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing.  I always thought that because I was tall, I just could not do pull ups or sit ups like other guys.  That all changed when I finally decided to try P90X after seeing an infomercial and conducting research on people who achieved great results with the program.  See my transformation video below:

P90X was the ideal program for me because: 1) I needed a serious work-out and nutrition program to reverse the damage I had done to my health, and 2) working out at home saved time with my hectic schedule, especially as a new dad.  I had already wasted thousands of dollars on gym memberships, which were not working with my schedule anyway.  Commuting to and from the gym added at least an extra hour to my schedule.  Before I started P90X, I made an agreement with my wife that I was going to do the P90X workouts after we put our little girl to bed at 7:30PM.  My wife was skeptical with my plan to say the least.

For the next 90 days, I gave it my all.  On day 1, I could not even do a 1/4 of a pull up!  It was embarrassing.  I also struggled big time with push-ups and core exercises.  But, after I finished the first week, I knew I had found the right program for me.  I had already lost a few pounds and started to feel more energetic.  The small improvements were motivational stepping-stones that drove me to push forward.

As I moved forward, I found a great Beachbody coach who helped me really dial-in my nutrition.  I started tracking what I was eating on a daily basis and included supplements to my diet that he recommended.

The results impressed my wife, family and friends.  At the end of my 90 days in P90X, I went from weighing 213 lbs to 193lbs, and lost over 5 inches from my waist.  My lower back pain went away because I finally built core muscles.  I had more energy to devote to my family and my career.  And, I was doing multiple, unassisted pull ups when before I couldn’t to a single one!

I then immediately did another round of P90X and lost another 10 lbs and 2 more inches off my waist.  The only downside of my transformation: I had to buy new suits (which was expensive!).  I have adopted the P90X workouts and nutrition program as part of my daily schedule.  I’m currently doing the P90X2 program and love it.  I’m still a work in progress, but continue to work towards my goals.  In January 2012, I became an active coach with Beachbody (the company that makes P90X) and, with the help of my wife Emerald, formed CrunchTime Fitness and Nutrition to inspire and help others with similarly hectic schedules who never thought they could “fit” fitness into their daily lives.”

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