It’s a Marathon NOT a Sprint

marathon picI see this time and time again, especially when people are new to a workout program.  Two things can be very detrimental to their motivation.  First, they want to see results right now.  Someone starts doing Insanity for a week and thinks they should have lost 10 lbs already.  If that doesn’t happen, they get discouraged and feel like it’s not worth it.  Second, they might miss a day or two and feel like they’ve failed and end up getting completely off track.  My advice is always the same in this situation.  Don’t let that get you down, because it’s a marathon not a sprint!

I’m not talking about running an actual marathon, but I think it’s a good analogy.  Think about running a marathon.  Do you start going as fast as you can right out of the gates?  Of course not!  And do you think it feels like you’ve made much progress when you take your first few steps?  You still have over 26 miles to go, I’m sure it seems insignificant.

Each step doesn’t feel like much, but over time, those steps add up.  And eventually you’ve gone the full 26.2 miles.  Small progress that accumulates over a long period of time and will end up creating massive results.

It’s the same way with fitness.  Take eating for example.  Is one bad meal going to make you really fat and unhealthy?  Of course not!  You don’t wake up the next day, hop on the scale, and see that you’ve gained 20 lbs.  But if you consistently eat junk food, over the course of time all those bad meals will add up and you can find that you’ve put on a significant amount of weight.

That can be the hard part about working out too, especially with something like Insanity.  Insanity is hard, it’s probably one of the hardest workout programs out there.  So it’s understandable that people want to see results.  They go all out, challenging themselves, so they expect to see weight loss.  Don’t get me wrong, weight loss will come.  But it’s still a gradual process.  The thing is, most times, you’re not going to wake up on day 2 and see the scale drop.  But keep at it for 2 weeks and weigh yourself again.  If your nutrition has been on track, you’ll see some significant results.

So when you’re mentally preparing for a workout program, I want to strongly look at it like you’re running a marathon not a sprint.  Take the long-term view, because your health is long-term.  Don’t you want to be healthy and fit for the rest of your life?  I know I do.  The way that happens is by compounding lots of small success into some massive results.  Don’t get frustrated if you don’t lose a bunch of weight in week 1.  Over time that will come.  On the same note, if you miss one day here or there, don’t let it discourage you!  One missed workout is not going to make you lose all your results.  Think about all the workouts you are doing, and how that’s much better than what you were doing previously.

The little choices you make matter!  They are what determine your long-term results.  So focus on making good choices daily and keep the mentality that it’s a marathon not a sprint!

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