Is Shakeology too Expensive?

When it comes to Shakeology there are typically two kinds of people. People are either skeptical and think it’s too expensive or they’ve given it a try and know that it’s worth the money.  Now obviously there are exceptions to this, but I find this to be true in most cases.  And honestly, I was in the first camp for quite a while.  I knew it sounded good, but I just thought it was a bit pricey.  I took my time looking for other alternatives, but when you look at the ingredient list there really isn’t anything that comes close to the variety and health benefits that Shakeology provides.  If you want to see the full breakdown of the ingredient list here it is: SHAKEOLOGY INGREDIENTS

Carl Daikeler, Beachbody’s CEO, recently posted an article talking about comparing Shakeology to other products out there.  In his words, he says it’s  “like comparing apples and … tang”.  Check out his post here: COMPARING SHAKEOLOGY

In my opinion, there really is no other product out there that can compare to Shakeology.  I truly believe that it’s the healthiest thing I can put in my body every day, which is why I do!  I think it’s especially important for those of you who are eating at a calorie deficit, and looking to lose weight.  When you’re eating at a calorie deficit you still want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs, and Shakeology will fill the gap of anything you’re missing.

But back to the cost.  $120 for a 30-day supply is a lot, right?  If you look at it as adding $120 to your current food budget, then yeah, I would say it’s expensive.  But are you just going to be adding Shakeology?  No, you’re going to be replacing something you’re currently eating with Shakeology.  For me, I eat it every day for lunch.  When you break it down, it costs $4 per shake.  Now think about what you normally eat for lunch.  Do you buy something from a cafeteria?  Do you go out and grab fast food or go to a sit down restaurant?  If that’s the case, how much are you spending?  I would bet it’s more than $4!!  You could easily be spending $8-$15 depending on where you go.  So would you rather spend $4 for the healthiest option or 2-3 times that much for food that’s not going to help you reach your goal?  When you think about it this way, as replacing something in your current diet, then in my opinion it actually looks very inexpensive.

And where else are you spending $4 a day?  Do you ever stop at the gas station for a snack?  Or are you a coffee person?  Do you stop at Caribou or Starbucks every day?  You could easily be spending $4 or more.  If you’re getting anything but straight black coffee, you’re going to be spending about the same.  Would you be willing to replace your daily coffee with Shakeology?  When you really look at your budget, in many cases, you can easily find $4 to replace with Shakeology, which can go a long  way in helping you reach your goals.

Does it fit in everyone’s budget?  No, I don’t think so.  But for many of us, we spend $4 every day on junk we don’t really need or isn’t very healthy for us.  So if you look at Shakeology as replacing other things in your diet instead of just adding it to what you already eat, it is much more affordable.  Plus, if you are a Beachbody coach, it knocks the price down to $3 per shake, so it’s even more affordable.  So if you’re worried about the cost, take a look at where you’re spending money every day, and I think you can find it easier than you thought to incorporate Shakeology.

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