Intro to Beachbody Coaching

When I got started working out with Beachbody programs, I didn’t even know what a coach was.  I really didn’t even know who Beachbody was.  I knew about P90X, then saw an infomercial for Insanity and decided to start with that to get in shape.  I really had no concept of the organization behind the workout programs.  So starting out, my goal was to lose some fat and get into great shape, which really is where everyone should start out!  Even though you’re focused on getting in great shape right now, I just want you all to be aware of a more long-term opportunity to help others get in shape and provide for yourself financially, so let me introduce the Beachbody coaching opportunity.

First off, let me say that this opportunity is not for everyone.  I know that, but I do think it’s a great opportunity for the right people.  I certainly did my homework before signing up, so when I decided to become a coach I had  4 main reasons to join the community of coaches that Beachbody has built.

1) Built in accountability
I had already seen great results with Insanity and knew that Beachbody workout programs really worked.  I also knew that if I stopped working out and following a nutrition plan, I would be right back to where I started, feeling sluggish, with little energy, and not feeling great about the way I looked.   I knew I didn’t want to go back to that!  So I figured that if I started coaching and helping others reach their fitness goals, there would be a much greater incentive to stay in shape.  If I went back to my old habits I would lose all credibility with my team because who would listen to someone who can’t follow their own advice?  Now that I’m a coach, I want to set a good example as a leader for all of you and so far this has really been motivating!

2) Passion to help others
Personally, I love working with other people and helping them reach their goals.  My day job is less interactive, so being a Beachbody coach really allows me to get to know other people and help them reach their goals.  I love being a source of motivation and knowledge for other people, and being a Beachbody coach really allows me to do that.  I love getting questions from all of you and hearing about your successes.  That really gets me fired up and excited to help even more people!

3) Passion for the program
Another huge reason that I became a Beachbody coach is because I believe in their products.  I truly think that the programs and supplements that Beachbody produces are top notch and can allow people to get in great shape and lead healthy lives.  I have done Insanity, P90X and Insanity: Asylum and really love each program.  My wife, and co-coach, has also done ChaLEAN Extreme and has seen  great results from that!  One important aspect of the programs is that they also come with a nutrition guide.  That’s the part that I think is lacking everywhere else.  You don’t get much help with your diet at the gym.   I’m also passionate about Shakeology and the Results and Recovery formula.  I really believe they have helped me a great deal to get into the shape I’m in today.  I think the products really speak for themselves, so really I don’t try to sell people on anything, it’s more of me making recommendations on what’s helped me out.

4) Financial compensation
Finally, the last reason that I signed up to be a coach was to provide some supplemental income for my family and potentially have it be our main source of income at some point down the road.  This part definitely takes time and I knew that going in.  I wasn’t trying to make a quick buck, but I knew that if I was sharing my passion for getting in shape and recommending to others what has worked for me, then eventually I would see the income start to come in.  Plus, it only costs $15 a month which is as inexpensive as it gets to start your own business.  The way I make money is that I make a commission when others buy Beachbody programs or supplements.  I’m always straightforward about this with my team.  Like I already mentioned though, I really just take the approach of recommending what has worked for me.  I know these products work because I use them myself personally.  Also, as a coach you get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products.  So my savings on Shakeology alone every month covers my coaching fees.  And I knew I would be buying Beachbody products (Insanity, P90X, Asylum, R&R, Shakeology) on a regular basis, so it only made sense to get the discount.  Many people sign up to be a coach solely for this reason and that is a great reason in and of itself!

So is the Beachbody coaching opportunity right for you?

-Are you already buying Beachbody products at full price?  Saving 25% on Beachbody products could more than pay for the coaching fees, even if you only plan to “coach” yourself!
-Do you get asked what you’re doing to be in great shape?  I really think your personal transformation is the best advertisement you can have.  It’s easy to get into conversations about P90X or Shakeology if you’re seeing great results and other people are already approaching you about it.
-Do you believe in the products?  Do you have a passion for P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme or Shakeology?  Why not turn that passion into a business where you can help others lead healthy and fulfilling lives?  It’s really fun to share your passion for being healthy with others, and frankly, most people have some interest in fitness so it’s really not hard to show them the health benefits of the workouts and supplements.  I really enjoy seeing people make progress towards their goals!

If you do sign up for a coach, Beachbody has developed great tools to help you get your business started and I have some special training to help you be successful.  Just because you become a coach doesn’t mean you won’t hear from me anymore!  I’ll still be here to answer your questions and help you run a successful business.  It may seem daunting to start, but everyone has to start at the same place!  Plus, Beachbody already pumps a ton of money into advertising, so most people are already familiar with P90X or Insanity or Shakeology.  One note, though, DON’T sign up if you’re looking to make a quick buck.  Success doesn’t happen over night, and people can tell when you’re just trying to sell them products that you may or may not use.

I love being an Independent Beachbody coach and helping people meet their fitness goals.  I have a great passion for the products, have had some great results, and love helping other people out so it was pretty much a no-brainer!  You don’t have to be an expert, and I am certainly not, you just have to be passionate about being healthy and helping others out!  So if you’re thinking about this now, or down the road, shoot me a message and I will help you get started!



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