Intense Cardio Workout Programs

I wrote this for all you cardio junkies out there.  I know some people just really like intense cardio workout programs, and if that’s you, Beachbody has a couple great options.  I’m not a huge fan of slow-paced, long, drawn-out cardio, but I do really like fast-paced intense cardio workouts.  I used to jog a lot, but that really got boring.  And when I saw the infomercial for Insanity, I knew it was going to be a good fit.  These workouts don’t require any equipment, as you just use your body weight to make the change.  These programs are great for people looking to shed weight and fat quick and get in great cardio conditioning.  If you’re training for a 5K or a 10K or even a marathon, utilizing these workouts can really help you get prepped for your race without needing to go on 2-3 hour jogs.  These are two programs that I highly recommend and that Rochelle and I have lots of experience with.

intense cardio workout programInsanity  This was my very first Beachbody workout program.  I was attracted to Insanity because it looked like it got really good results but you didn’t need any equipment.  You just worked with your own body weight.  I knew I needed to get back in shape, so I jumped right into Insanity.  While I did see some good results, I really wouldn’t recommend many people start out with Insanity unless they have a good fitness background because in my opinion, this is the hardest workout program put on DVD.  But if you’re in pretty good shape and you’re looking for an intense workout program to shed fat, this is for you.  Shaun T follows the High Intensity Interval Training technique, or HIIT, to get your heart rate up right away.  Believe me, you’ll be grabbing your knees by the end of the warm-up.  I personally love Insanity and still mix it in with other workout programs.  You can read more in My Insanity Review.

intense cardio workout programTurboFire  If you like crazy cardio, but enjoy more of a group fitness class setting, then this workout program would be a great fit for you.  Chalene also utilizes HIIT in TurboFire, so it’s definitely extreme.  Rochelle recently started mixing in TurboFire workouts with ChaLEAN Extreme resistance days and is loving them so far.  Insanity might be the hardest workout program put on DVD, but TurboFire is absolutely an intense cardio workout program and is a close second.  Chalene does move pretty quick through the sequence of moves, so it might take a couple times going through a workout to really get it down.  That can be a bit frustrating at first, but Rochelle has picked it up really quick and it makes the workouts go super fast.  Again, if you like the group fitness class feel and are looking for an intense cardio workout program, this is an awesome options.

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