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how to startThe biggest obstacle in most people’s fitness journey is just starting.  It’s not figuring out what workout to do or figuring out what to exactly eat, it’s actually just getting started with anything.  In January, people will join health clubs across America, and even some of those people will sign up with a membership and never go.  So why is hard to get going?  Why isn’t it easy to just begin a journey to get healthy?   Hopefully this article will provide you with some tips on how to start.

How To Start – Failure To Launch

There are many reasons people fail to get going.  Or say they’re going to start taking care of themselves but never do it.  It applies to your health and also to many other areas of your life.  Beachbody Coaching is a great example.  I’ve had quite a few people tell me they want to inspire others to get healthy and become a Beachbody Coach, but they never actually do it.  Or they sign up, but don’t actually get started reaching out to people to help.  So whether it’s Beachbody Coaching or getting themselves in shape, people struggle to get going, and here are a few reasons why:

1)  Waiting for the “right time”.  This is sooo incredibly common.  People are constantly ‘waiting for the right time’.  They’re waiting for something to smack them in the head and tell them to get going.  They’re waiting for some sort of busy season to pass so they are more available.  If you’re waiting for the right time, you will never start.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  “I really want to do P90X, but I’m just waiting for the right time to start it, after things slow down on my job.”  I do understand some jobs, like public accounting, have busy seasons that get crazy.  But 99% of the time I don’t buy that excuse.  I work about 45-50 hours a week at my day job, run a photography business with my wife that has kept us incredibly busy with weddings, engagement sessions, client meetings, editing photos, and training with our mentors, AND I’m a Beachbody Coach supporting others.  And guess what, I get my workout done every day.  Why?  Because I make time and don’t let excuses get in the way.  If I can do it, you can do it too.  The only “right time” to get started is now.  Don’t wait, start today.

2)  Afraid to fail.  I can totally understand this excuse, but it pains me  to see it in other people.  Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight or get healthy before and just haven’t had luck.  So naturally you’re apprehensive to start something again.   I get that.  But if you never start, you have a 100% chance of failing.  If you don’t start you will never lose the weight, you will never get healthy.  And in 6 months or 1 year the regret you’re feeling from not doing anything is going to be worse than the fear you’re feeling today.  We are never guaranteed another day, so don’t let fear of failure lead to long-term health consequences that will be much worse.

3) Don’t know what to do.  Some people legitimately don’t know what to do.  What should you eat?  What workout should you do?  I grew up in an active household and playing sports, so I have a lot of background of working out and being active.  For me this is not as big of an issue.  But I know not everyone grew up like that.  Maybe your family wasn’t very active growing up or sports didn’t really interest you.  Trying to figure out what to do can be tough.   That can make joining a gym even more intimidating.  If you don’t know what to do, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of the regulars at the gym.  Although I think we all know some people are more conscious of that than others 🙂  Honestly, this is a reason that I became a Beachbody Coach.  Of course it’s hard to figure out what to do, but I can help!  That’s a reason I love Beachbody programs.  They take all the guess-work out of it.  They lay out your workouts, telling you exactly what to do and when.  They also have a nutrition guide that tells you exactly what to eat. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

My Tips For How To Start

Enough focusing on the negative and why people struggle to start.   We all know people can come up with millions of excuses, those are just 3 that I hear a lot.  But if you want to get started, how can you overcome those and what should you do?  Here are my tips on how to start:

1)  Find a Coach/mentor.  Nothing helps more than having experience on your side.  Whether it’s a Beachbody Coach (hint, hint you can join my team) or a friend who has had success losing weight and getting healthy.  Find someone who has been successful and ask them for advice.  Most people will be plenty happy to talk about their success and share that with you.  It helps a ton to have support from someone like that, especially if they’re willing to answer questions as they come up.

2)  Set a goal.  Don’t go running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Figure out what you want to accomplish.  Do you want to lose a specific number of pounds?  Do you want to lower your cholesterol?  Do you want to increase your bench press by XX lbs?  There has to be something you want to accomplish.  Figure out what that is and write it down.  Do NOT skip writing it down.  If you don’t actually write it down you are much less likely to be motivated by it.

3) Tell someone.  This can be anyone.  Your mom, spouse, sibling, friend, me.  Whoever, just tell someone what you’re doing.  When you tell someone what you want to accomplish it makes it real.  They can hold you accountable and ask how things are going when they see you.  It will definitely motivate you to not slack off but to actually get going.

4) Just get going!  Set your start date.  And don’t let that be very far out.  You just need to get going.  The longer you wait the less likely it will be that you actually do start.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t wait for the right time.  The right time is now!  If you change courses down the road on your workouts, or the specifics of your nutrition plan that’s ok.  But you can get active today and start to eat healthier today.  There’s no reason to hesitate.  In the words of Nike, Just Do It!

So there you have it.  Maybe you can relate to the reasons why people struggle to start.  I’ve been there before, believe me.  It’s not like I don’t procrastinate at times, but when it comes to my health I don’t wait on that.  It’s too important.  If you need someone to push you, join my team and we will all help you reach your goals!



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