How Many Calories Does Body Beast Burn

I realized that my article, How Many Calories Does P90X3 Burn?, is getting pretty popular, so that must mean people are looking for that kind of info.  I know it helps me to know how many calories other people burn in certain workouts so that I can compare the numbers that I see.  Plus, if you’re using something like myfitnesspal to keep track of the calories you eat, often times you factor in the calories you burn from a workout.  Most estimates I’ve seen are way off, so I always measure myself.

So what I’ve done is go through every Body Beast workout and recorded my data.  I measured it a couple times for each workout to make sure I didn’t have any big errors from a single workout.  Now keep in mind, I’m a 27 year-old male who weights roughly 215 lbs.  So if you’re a 45 year-old woman, these numbers might not quite jive with what you can expect.  So here is my info for how many calories Body Beast burns and my heart rate info:

Calories Burnt During Body Beast Workouts

Body Beast Build Phase

Build Chest & Tris: 719 calories, 143 avg hr, 176 max hr

Build Back & Bis: 634 calories, 147 avg hr, 174 max hr

Build Shoulders: 559 calories, 140 avg hr, 174 max hr

Beast Cardio: 615 calories, 157 avg hr, 182 max hr

Build Legs: 729 calories, 164 avg hr, 184 max hr

Body Beast Bulk Phase

Bulk Chest: 558 calories, 132 avg hr, 169 max hr

Bulk Legs: 1053 calories, 169 avg hr, 192 max hr

Bulk Back: 609 calories, 148 avg hr, 182 max hr

Bulk Shoulders: 478 calories, 157 avg hr, 182 max hr

Bulk Arms: 471 calories, 159 avg hr, 180 max hr

There you have it, that’s how many calories I burned during each Body Beast workout.  As you can see, lifting weights burns a TON of calories!  Why do boring cardio when you can lift weights and still burn a lot of calories.  If you want to lose weight, Body Beast is a great program.

If you’re doing Body Beast right now, I’d love to hear your perspective!  How many calories are you typically burning in a workout?  If you’re not doing it yet, but are considering it, check out Body Beast HERE.


Im in my 3rd round of bodybeast first round i did lean second huge and 3rd huge. I decided to count in my burned calories to daily intake do you think this is advisable as ive been trying to bulk now. Initially i started fat which is why i did lean beast and i manged to loose about 25 kgs. Ive packed on a lot of lean muscle but want to put some weight back on now. Ive been consuming around 2100 calories but not counting in burned calories and ive stayed at a cutting split of 40 40 20. Any thoughts? Im currently not seeing the scales move up.


@KrisOddy You may want to consider another video set up, or increase the weights.  When you stop seeing gains, it's because your muscles have grown "used to" the routine.  They need to be worked in ways they haven't been, and/or harder than they were.  Always use weights that are challenging but that you can still control.

Be sure to build your diet around mass gain, too.

Congrat's on the amazing progress so far.


Is that 719 calories in the onext workout

tmuellenberg moderator

@Cloughy Yep, 719 calories in one workouts.  Some of these are long and intense!


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