How Bad is Fast Food

When you’re trying to improve your health nutrition is a critical factor in how well you’re going to do.  A phrase that I think is very true is that exercise will account for 20% of your results while nutrition will count for the other 80%.  You really can’t out-train a bad diet.  So if you’ve been super consistent with your workouts but aren’t seeing any changes, your nutrition is likely the culprit.  I can understand people have busy schedules or aren’t very familiar with how to cook, so fast food sounds like an easy option.  But just how bad is fast food if you’re trying to get healthy and lose weight?

Common Fast Food Meals

I thought it would be very interesting to look up some fast food options from popular restaurants and see what their nutritional content is like.  If you haven’t looked into it before, I think the numbers can be kinda shocking.


mcdonald's menu pic

Taco Bell

taco bell menu pic


wendy's menu pic


chik fil a menu pic


Obviously this is just a small sample of what you can get to eat at various fast food restaurants out there, but I think the numbers can seem kinda surprising.  Over 500 calories for just a sandwich?  If you’re eating 2000 calories, that’s over 25% of your daily calories and does it really even fill you up that much?  Add in the fries and a pop and you’re well over 1000 calories easily at any of these places.  Plus, this doesn’t even account for all the ketchup, bbq sauce, etc that you add on top of these things.  It would almost be tough to go to these restaurants and not eat 1000 calories worth of junk food.  And the worst part is, look at all that sodium!  You’re well over 1000 mg in just one item on most of these menus.  Talk about feeling bloated and retaining water weight.  Plus the negative effects of sodium on your blood pressure and heart health.

Are there healthier options at these places?  Sure, there usually are. But my point is that for a typical fast food meal, you are blowing your sodium out of the water and you’re most likely going to eat too many calories and way too much fat.  So if you’re trying to improve your health and lose weight, you’ve got to stop making fast food a regular part of your routine as it’s sabotaging your results.  Make sure you’re prepared for your day with healthy home-made food so you’re not tempted to grab something quick that’s going to ruin all the hard work you put in during your workout!

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