High Protein Foods

high protein foodsMany of you are familiar with the P90X Fat Shredder Plan, requiring that you eat 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat.  It sounds simple enough in theory, but in practice you might find it difficult to hit those percentages.  I know I did right away.  It seemed that I always had trouble keeping my carbs down and my protein up, since many foods will incorporate both.  Not many foods are made up of just protein, so it can be tough to hit that 50% mark.  If you’re struggling with this, don’t worry, it’s completely normal.  I did too, but what I did to help myself was plan my meals out ahead of time.  I actually created a whole 7 day meal plan containing many high protein foods that I followed fairly close.  Check out my high protein meal plan.  So that’s how I did it.  But here are some more high protein foods to help you hit those fat shredder percentages.

High Protein Foods – Snacks

Snacking can be a very tough area, not many are high protein foods.  Lots of “snack food” can be very high in sugar, simple carbs, fat, etc.  But here are some go-to high protein snacks that I like:

-Fat free cottage cheese
-Turkey jerkey
-Pure Protein bars
-Greek yogurt cup

Those were all pretty much my snacks while on the fat shredder plan.  They’re quick, easy and taste pretty good in my opinion.  Making sure you have high protein foods for snacks can go a long way in helping you hit that 50% mark.

High Protein Foods  – Main Dish

You main courses are also very important.  I feel like this is a pretty easy place to get high protein foods in.  Here are some that were very common for me:

-Egg white or whole egg omelets
-Top sirloin
-Turkey burgers

As you can see here, many of these options are lean meats.  For your main dishes, if you do eat meat, lean meat is going to be a staple in your diet.  Stay away from the high fat stuff and stick to this list.  For example, instead of ground beef, get ground turkey.  Little changes like that can go a long way

High Protein Foods For Vegans

Since I’ve been eating mostly plant-based for over 9 months now, I have familiarized myself with some high protein foods that come from plants.  So for all the vegans/vegetarians here are some good options:

-Beans (black, pinto, kidney are my favorite)
-Chick peas ( I love hummus)

A very common lunch for me would be quinoa and black beans.  I love the taste and it gives me a lot of good protein.  These are great high protein foods that contain no animal products.  So yes, you can eat high protein foods that come from plants!

High Protein Foods – Supplements

Supplements can be very important if you’re trying to reach your 50% protein mark for the day.  I like to get my nutrients from whole foods, but sometimes it’s more efficient and less costly to supplement your diet at times.  The main, high protein supplements I have used are:

-Whey protein powder (most common and a great, inexpensive way to get more protein)
Shakeology (18 grams of high quality protein)

Most people do choose to supplement if they’re on the Fat Shredder plan simply because it can be very expensive to get that much protein in from food sources.  So unless you have an unlimited supply of lean meats, these are a good way to go.

I understand that it can be hard to hit the Fat Shredder ratios, but with good planning, and incorporating these high protein foods, you can definitely do it.

Kurtis Giesbrecht
Kurtis Giesbrecht

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This information is very useful. However, in your High Protein section, I see that all of the snacks are high (to extremely high) in sodium, fats, and/or carbs. How did you work that into your 50:30:20 nutritional balance plan? I'm not trying to argue, I'm battling with a similar issue where trying to develop my meal plan - one food gives good ratios, another skews it out of prefered ratious, and the next makes it even worse. Arg! LOL I know the ratio's are rough guidelines only, but, the protein bars are 50%C, 30%C, 20%F. Turkey jerky 53%P, 13%C, 20%F, and have almost 600mg sodium! And, as a snack, they constitue the whole meals content. Thanks for your help.

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Totally agree, the amino acids are the building blocks to muscle.

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Hey Harry! I totally understand where you're coming from. Hitting the fat Shredder ratios can really be tough. And most high protein diets are very high in sodium, or at least I find it difficult to keep sodium down. As far as the individual foods go when I plan this out I don't worry so much about the percentages of each individual food, but look at everything as an aggregate. So if one item is higher in carbs or fat that's ok as long as I have something else that can balance it out. The things that help me a ton to hit 50% protein are whey protein powder, egg white omelets and having lean meats for dinner. So incorporating things that are almost all protein help compensate for the other foods. So if the snacks aren't right on the percentages I make it up with my main meals. No doubt it's difficult to hit the fat shredder percentages though. It really helps to plan out a whole day so you can tweak things if needed.

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