Healthy Snack Options

Snacking is important, but can often be the culprit for ruining people’s diets.  It’s the time between meals when you get hungry and those salty and sweet foods look so tempting.  It’s easy to grab a bag of chips to “just have a few” when that turns into eating half the bag in one sitting.  Grab a pop to wash that down and you could have eaten 500-600 empty calories in the blink of an eye.  Those calories really add up throughout a day and can completely throw you off your nutrition plan and cause you to not see results.  That’s why it’s crucial to track everything you eat!   Then you will actually realize how much you’re eating and how quick those “little” snacks add up.  So if you’re not going to grab the Cheetos or tortilla chips and salsa con queso, what can you eat that will help keep you on track?  Here are some of my favorite snack options:

Fruit: I love fruit (it’s nature’s candy) but fruit adds to your carb totals, so you have to make sure you’re sticking to your goal for the day.  That being said, for a snack I love to eat fruit.  I’ll eat a banana, an apple, an orange, a kiwi, a cup of blueberries, or a cup of fresh strawberries.  Also, my new favorite, half an avocado.  Those are all really tasty and are good for you!  When it comes to fruit, make sure you’re eating fresh and stay away from canned fruits in syrup.

Vegetables:  As a snack I don’t eat vegetables a ton, but I do like baby carrots with humus.  I usually stick to 1 tablespoon of humus, which is much healthier than ranch dressing or the vegetable dips you often see.  Other snacks I do enjoy are slices of cucumber and celery with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

Nuts: Again, staying within your allowed fat for the day, nuts can be a great snack.  For a snack I’ll eat 15 almonds or 30 pistachios.  Make sure that you’re eating raw nuts, not the ones that are roasted in oil, are heavily salted, or have the word ‘honey’ the title.

Dairy: I know Tony is not huge on dairy, but I think as long as you keep it fat free or low fat it can serve as a healthy snack.  I eat low fat string cheese, fat free cottage cheese, chobani greek yogurt and sometimes I will make my protein shake with milk in it.

Other: Other snacks that I often eat are protein bars (I eat Pure Protein bars from Costco because they’re relatively cheap and have very little sugar), turkey jerky, or 2 slices of lunch meat.

Those comprise most of what I eat for my snacks.  The point is to eat often, keeping your metabolism up and to keep you from reaching for the chips or oreos between meals.  Snacking is really important, and it’s important to snack well!  If there are other things that you love to eat for a healthy snack post it here to let the team know!


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