Health Benefits of Pets

health benefits of pets This is not a typical post on my blog, but we just adopted a puppy and I thought it would be interesting to look into the health benefits of pets.  I’ve often heard that kids who grow up with pets are healthier and that people who own pets are healthier in general.  It makes sense, especially for people who own dogs.  You typically exercise your dog (or you should at least) and that means you get some extra exercise as well.  But there are other benefits that I didn’t initially think about.

List of Health Benefits of Pets

I found an awesome article on that listed some of the many benefits that pet owners experience.  Some of them include:

  • A lower chance of developing depression
  • Having lower blood pressure
  • Having a healthier heart, with lower cholesterol
  • Living longer after having a heart attack
  • Being more social

Why Do Pets Provide Health Benefits

Again, some things are more obvious than others, but the reason pet owners reap these benefits are:

  • You tend to get more exercise, as it’s important to exercise your pet
  • Pets provide companionship that can be lacking at times
  • Petting your cat/dog can actually reduce stress
  • They provide structure, help reduce anxiety and can help give you purpose
  • Often times you meet other pet owners, at the pet store or a dog park, which can help you build other relationships

So if people think you’re crazy for wanting to get a cat or dog, just let them know you’re doing it for your health!  This could be great motivation if you need to convince a spouse or someone in your household as well.  I know we are already more active since getting our puppy Mozzie.  One great way I track that is with my FitBit.  I never have trouble hitting my daily goal because of all the walks, playing ,etc I do with the dog!

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