Hate Making Lunch?

I feel like this is an issue that almost all working adults can relate to.  Who doesn’t hate making lunch?  You’re busy enough with your work, family life, kids activities, sports, etc. that it can seem like a big burden to make your own lunch either the night before or in the morning before heading off to work.  At my office, I would say that probably 90-95% of people buy their lunch from our cafeteria.  It’s way more common just to buy something, and I hear these reasons from friends and co-workers all the time.

“I don’t have time to pack a lunch.”

“I can’t eat another cold meat sandwich.”

“I don’t know what to bring.”

“I’m too lazy to make lunch.”

I’m sure you’ve either thought these things or heard them from people you know.  It’s super common.  So what are the alternative?  It’s either not eating lunch (definitely do NOT recommend this) or it’s buying your lunch from a fast-food restaurant or from your work’s cafeteria (also don’t recommend this!).  It’s obvious why I don’t recommend the first choice.  You need to eat lunch.  Going 8 plus hours without eating is not good for you at all.  And there are two main reasons why the cafeteria or fast food place are not ideal either.

1)  Lack of healthy options.  Even if you have a cafeteria at work that has some healthy choices, there’s often tons of sodium in them and the portions are still too big.  Plus, there are typically way more options that are terrible for you than there are healthy options.  A couple slices of pizza and a pop is really not a good choice.  A burger and fries is terrible too.  If those are your options, you could easily be eating 1000 plus calories just at lunch, with more than 100% of your daily intake of sodium and saturated fat.  If you’re trying to get good results and get in shape, these are not ideal.  Plus those foods can really leave you feeling sluggish.

2) Cost.  If you’re going out to eat or buying something from a cafeteria 4 or 5 days a week just for lunch, that can really add up.  I would be surprised if you could consistently pay less than $7-10 on food for lunch if that’s what you’re doing.  If you’re averaging $7 a meal (which I think is on the low end) eating that at least 20 days in a month, then you’re spending at least $140/month on lunch.  And I think that’s probably on the low end.  And look at what you’re spending that on.  Burgers, fries, pizza, chips, pop, etc.  Not exactly the healthiest food.

So what I think is the best alternative out there, is what I do every day.  I eat Shakeology for lunch every single day for many reasons.

First off, I know it’s the healthiest thing I’m going to eat all day.  It has all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc. that I need to fuel my body.  Since I’m working out hard, I know I need to give my body the optimal nutrition, and I get that with Shakeology.

Second, it gives me a ton of energy.  I don’t feel sluggish at all after I eat it.  It has a low glycemic index, which means it keeps me feeling fuller longer, and helps reduce cravings during the day.

Third, it’s super fast.  I just put a scoop of Shakeology in a mixer cup with about 20 oz. of water and shake it up.  It only takes 1 minute to prepare.  It doesn’t get much faster than that!

Finally, it’s the cost.  At full-price, a month’s supply costs $120.  That breaks down to $4 a shake.  If I was buying my lunch every day from a fast food place, there’s no way I’m only going to spend $4, it’s just not going to happen.  And for me, as a coach, I get a 25% discount, so it really only costs me $3 a shake.

So for me, it’s a no-brainer.  It only costs me $3  for the healthiest meal I’m going to eat all day.  It’s healthier, quicker, and less expensive than the alternatives out there!  I’ve heard many people complain about the cost, but just look how much money you could actually save by eating it for lunch!  If you want more info on Shakeology, you can find that here.

If you’re like me and want a healthy, fast, inexpensive lunch that will help you reach your fitness goals, then I encourage you to try Shakeology.  Plus, it’s got a 30-day, bottom of the bag guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.

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